Monday, 27 February 2012

Barbies and fairs

My DD in 7th heaven with two new barbies on her birthday.

All with
Fashion Doll by Clever Monkey Graphics and Kaye Winiecki

My DD on her sixth birthday

Paper and elements from Litte Bits and Wordy Shapes 2 by Heather T

Flowers in my garden

Papers from Floral Painted Papers and Whiter than White
Elements from Cards no 1, Swirls no 1, Essential Stitches no 1 and Photo Overlays no1

All by Erica Zwart

 My DD having a blast at the autumn fair

All with
Carpe Diem by Forever Joy Designs

My DD loves her hats

All with Typically You by Erica Zwart and Val C.,
journal card from Cards no 1, swirls from Swirls no 1
and wordtab from Wordtabs by Erica Zwart

I got GSO at DST with the last one!

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