Sunday, 30 October 2011

Roses in my heart

My beautiful DDs in a wonderful surrounding of a rose garden in France.

All with Roses in my heart by Eledhwen Designs

Friday, 28 October 2011

My version of C&S

C&S in digiscrapbookland stands for Clean & Simple. Those beautiful pages with one gorgeous photo not taking up more than an eight of the page and a few strategically placed elements. I love to look at them and sigh, but I cannot make them. They make me so nervous as they always seem to be unfinished when I try that type. So I don't. I have my own type which is somewhere between Art and C&S, using masks and brushwork and preferably bright colors. For Erica Zwart Designz team I get the chance to perfect my skills using her essential buttons, wordart, ribbons and other goodies. These are a couple of examples:

An orchid in my garden

Painted papers no1, Scribbles, Buttonmania, Essential stitches no1, Broken Wordart no1
and mask from Tiebreak, all by Erica Zwart Designz

My DD in the dutch Sinterklaas tradition dressed up as Zwarte Piet
Papers and elements from Frames no1, Trendy Paper, Button Mania, Trendy Ribbons,
Splattered Months wordart and Soccer Fever, all by Erica Zwart Designs 

My DD and my DH

All with Fancy Papers no 1, Fabric Ribbons 1 and 2, Essentials 1 by
 Erica Zwart and About All is Love collaboration kit from Mscraps

My DDs and me

Paper and elements from Fabric Ribbons 2, Beach Vacation, On the Edge 2,
Divided Wordart 1 and Turn back the clock, all by Erica Zwart Designz

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crows Jamboree

Since a couple of weeks we have a drumset for the WII. My youngest daughter loves music and she loves playing those drums. I love watching her face all scrunched up in concentration.

 So this is for her, she can play at a party of her bird friends: a Crows Jamboree. Also a beautiful new kit filled with autumn colors and festivity, And of course crows.

Made by WeeFaerie in a whimsical and funny mood after watching the crows outside.

You can download it at WeeFaerieRing Designs

And if you like the page I did, here is it as quickpage

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Week 32

All with Little Surprises by Scrapmatters

Monday, 10 October 2011

Week 31

Back home and the garden is in bloom.

All with lovely poppies collaboration kit from Digital Crea

Friday, 7 October 2011

Vacation time

As I am more than two months behind on the project 52, here are finally the two weeks of our vacation abroad. We went to England for week 29 and week 30.

Both are made with Wild Ones by BonScrapatit Designs
 and Pele Mele Carnival Variations by Catherine Designs

Thursday, 6 October 2011


We have a dutch saying 'proud as a peacock' and that's what my DD and her cousin were with their costumes for the Sinterklaas celebrations

All with Pea #It's A Bird That Forums Won't Let Me Name!#
By Dawn Inskip

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Vintage and torn

I love all things vintage and these two products have nothing in common except that they both are vintage and beautiful to use.
The first is Vintage Home, a wonderful kit with greens and browns.

My DD and me

All with Vintage home by Eledhwen Designs at ShabbyPickle Designs

The second are a set of torn edges by Erica Zwart. These are so easy to use and they really add that little bit extra to a page.
Erica is also the featured designer at Mscraps, so go check out her stuff!
My DD on her fourth birthday

Paper and elements from Outside, Beach Vacation, Trendy Papers and Torn Edges 2,
all by Erica Zwart Designz at Mscraps