Monday, 29 August 2011

Autumn is here

Well, maybe not in the calendar date sense, but the weather is just pure autumn. Loads of rain, dark, cold. But then without the good things of autumn like the autumn leaves and the autumn fair in the village. It's like living through the season without the things that make the season fun. Not good. So I went back to last year when things definitely were better and made a pretty autumn page with pretty autumn ladies.

Paper and elements from Awakening, Harvest Time and Snow Angel, all by WeeFaerie Ring Designs
(still free on her blog here)
Wordart by Natali Designs from Studio Mix Autumn Magic

And another project 52 page. Getting there, this is halfway.

My nieces birthday (she turned 2), balletclasses and summer weather

All with So Happy it's my birthday by Ptitesouris and Pimp my picture by Dilo Designs

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