Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Sometimes you get to scrap the weird photos, or the photos that freak you out but they have a good story. This one freaks me out a bit, I don't like snakes and this one at the Blijdorp zoo was big. So big. I preferred to skip the part where he lived (or she, I never found out), even though he or she was behind thick glass and usually slept. But my eldest DD loved it. I blame the tv show Diego, where there was Ana the anaconda, who needed help and who was nice.

 So what do you do: convince your kid snakes aren't nice or tough it out and take her to see it? I did the latter, till one day the glass tank was empty. Ana the anaconda was no more.

Made with the fabulous animal collection Pets Menagerie Collection by Dawn Inskip for sale at Scrapbookgraphics

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