Thursday, 31 March 2011

This month at ...

After5, yes these are the challenge pages done there.

my dd loves dragons so I thought it befitting to add her to this scene.

For this months Flavor of the month challenge

All with Dragon tales collaboration kit 

My dd enjoying the snow

For this months Lift with a twist a lift of Beloved by J-lucky et Yuricita
All with White winter by Et Designs
My DD having a ball at her grandparents

For this months on the house challenge

All with Life happens sweetly by Kay Miller Designs
template by photocowgirl 

For this months Straight Up challenge. You make my life worthwile, my DD and DDs
All with Shabby Nature by Kimla Designs

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

week 9

A sick child, modelling clay made out of little balls (tip: it's horrid stuff, don't buy it! )
All with Funky Winter collaboration kit by Digital Crea designers

Monday, 28 March 2011

Week 8

With my brother moving house and DD1 learning english.

All with Magique Light by Kalina Armure (retired)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Boy oh boy

My DD, a princess with an addiction to pink and glitter, loved this toy car and would not get out of it!

All with Boy oh boy by Diana's Creations for sale at Shabby Pickle Designs

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring Poetry

Spring, the joy of spring.

My DDs

All with Spring Poetry by Celine Designs
for sale at Digital Crea

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some random pages

Ok, not random. The pickle pages!

My DD loves to build eh well eh castles?

For this months Mix & Match
All with where the heart is collaboration kit 

My DDs on the slede.

For this months Pickle page plan

All with PS fall in love by Komarik Designs 

My DD having fun

For this monhts Five Pickle Discount a lift of Early Fall by Dida1357 found here

Paper and elements from When the morning comes and I Love the rain by Starlight Designs
Wordart from Sweet by Natali Design 

My DDs in the basket swing

For this months Gherkin goodies
All with Soo Fresh by Vesi Designs 

For this months Gherkin Hues, my DD loves her colored clothes!
All with Where the heart is collaboration kit 

My DD taking me on

for the shabby inspiration of March
All with PS fall in you by Komarik Designs 

For this months Grand theft a lift of WeeFearies Happiness found here:

All with Spring Concerto collaboration kit from Shabby Pickle Designs


Monday, 21 March 2011

9th & Bloom

These are this months entries :-)

My DD could hardly read herself, but decided to read to her little sister.
For this months template fusion challenge

Paper and elements from Summerbelle by FruitlOopSally
Elements from Breath of Magic by Mary Pop Designs and Starlight Designs 

 My DD loves the garden, so this suits her
For this months inspired impressions

All with Drama Desk by Natasha NaSt Designs

On the joys of arcade games

All with Follow your dream by Jazzmin Designs

These are my grandmothers coffee cups and I love them
Paper and elements from Road to Wonderland,
Spring Garden and Drama Desk, all by Natasha NaSt Designs

Friday, 18 March 2011

Week 7

A visit to the zoo. Yes, with dinosaurs. LOL!

Paper and elements from Dinosaurdaze (retired) by Dawn Inskip
Elements from Primeval by Dawn Inskip

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


One of my favorite digi scrap stores is MScraps. Maybe because it's dutch, like I am, or maybe because the people there are so nice or maybe because they have excellent challenges with a points system ( I love points systems!) or just maybe because they have beautiful kits... Anyway, I did a couple of pages, mostly for my DDs albums. Which are coming along nicely!

The experiences of my eldest on the birthday of my youngest

Paper from Lavender fields by Erica Zwart Designz
Elements from Merry A Round by KimB Designs
Blue alpha from Make a wish by Diana's Creations
Stamped alpha and stitches from Flowers Seeds by Loreta Labarca Designs 

My DDs feeding the ducks

Paper and elements from Flower Seed by Loreta Labarca Designs
Stitched mask from Polly & Rufus Designs
Wordart from Divided Wordart by Erica Zwart Designz
Butterfly from Treasured by Ruth Melody 

My DD and her guest, her class bear.

Paper and elements from Home is where the heart is by Loreta Labarca Designs
Elements from Love at first cuddle by Designs by Anita and Fei-Fei's stuff
Overlay from On the edge by Erica Zwart Designz
Photo preset by WeeFaerie

I love the color blue. It's the sea, you see....

Paper and elements from Blue bird and Treasured by Ruth Melody
Elements from Independent Streak collaboration kit
Elements from Kiddish Summer by Elo Designs and ad77 Designs
Splattermonth June by Erica Zwart Designz 

A childrens garden party my DD attended

Papers and elements from Summerbreeze collaboration kit at Mscraps
Mask from Photo Mish Mash I by Martencja Designs

I love the photos of my eldest when she thinks no one is looking

Paper and elements from New Beginnings collaboration kit at Mscraps
Wordart from Moments wordart by Suddenly Artistic Designs

My DDs having fun at the aviation museum Aviodrome

Paper and elements from Timeless collaboration kit
Frame and tag from Treasured by Ruth Melody
Frame from Bluebird Meadow by Ruth Melody
Frame from Precious by Ruth Melody


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Week 6

A week where we had flowers in the garden and beautiful sun rises. We played games and read books. If only things were always this serene...

All with Delicate Spring from Digital Crea

Dancing in the spring

Yes, spring is here! I just spend all day yesterday weeding in the garden. Unbelievable how fast weeds grow, lol! Thankfully my bulbs are also doing fantastic!
So here is a page to celebrate this wonderful time of the year filled with sun (I hope) and green.


All with Dancing in the spring by Lara's Digi World
for sale

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My flower power

7th heaven has a collab out called My Flower Power where every mini kit by each designer is sold separetaly. Both Diana's Creations and Eledhwen Designs have a mini kit.

My Flower Power by Diana's Creations

My Flower Power by Eledhwen Designs

My Flower Power for sale at 7th Heaven

week 5

Ok, apparantely I don't feel comfortable unless I am four or five weeks behind with this. This was the first week of februari. DD2 got a new bike and new nail polish. And some fun photos of us. Oh and the first sign of spring is here in the form of snowdrops surfacing in the garden.

Be Happy by MoiV
Template by Julie's Creations

Monday, 7 March 2011

Where the heart is

Shabby Pickle Designs has a new collaboration kit out, Where the heart is. It is a beautiful mix of vibrant colors.

My DD and her cousin making themselves at home

My youngest lining up the playmobil figurines.

All with Where the heart is for sale at Shabby Pickle Designs

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wings of Hope

From the designers of 7th Heaven comes a charity collaboration kit.

We all dream of building our own nest. We're looking for a house where our family will feel safe. We're doing everything we can to know that we have a place to come home to. What if in a single moment all this would turn to dust? What happened to Heather Manning really saddens us. When we learned that her house burned down and she and her family have lost everything to the fire, our sadness was indescribable. In an instant you're trying to picture yourself in this situation and your heart aches, because you can't imagine this kind of loss. Especially when you're a mother yourself, trying to build this nest for your loved ones. This is why we're here asking you for help. We have prepared our first 7th Heaven collab to support Heather and would like to ask you to join us in our efforts. As you may know, Heather was an important part of DST and is close to all of us, so we would like to ask you to show your love for her. All proceeds from the Wings of Hope kit will go to Heather and her family. We hope you can be a part of this project and that you will help us help Heather.

My page with it:

My DD on her birthday

All with Wing of Hope collaboration kit
for sale at 7th Heaven

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Make a wish

Diana's Creation is guesting at Shabbypickles this month and her first kit there is a wonderful mixture of brown, orange and blue. Make a wish, complete with little fairy and wand!

My DDs refused to smile for the camera. At first!

My DD wanted her cuddly toy, a red panda, in a sling just like a real baby.

All with Make a wish by Diana's Creations
guesting this month at Shabby Pickles

Friday, 4 March 2011

Mother and daughter

Me and my wonderful youngest daughter

All with Mothers and Daughters by Lara's Digi World
for sale at

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lil' Greenies Playdate by WeeFaerie

Ok, I promise this is the last post for today. But it's a good one! I have not one but two freebies for you today, one for boys and one for girls. Now no scrolling down to the end of the post, take a look at this first:

The pink alien came to life in WeeFaerie's laptop, but she dared me to make a page with it. So I did, this little pink alien really wants to join in my DD's ballet class. And check out her little blue friend too. I mean, cute or what? 

 And as aliens and space rockets are also for boys, this is a boys version. But then with my girls at the space centre admiring rockets.

And WeeFaerie's super cool kit. Check out the wordarts, how cool are they?

You can get it at WeeFaerie Ring Designs

So, here are the quickpages.

Download at
 4 shared

Download at

7th Heaven

I CT for two designers at 7th Heaven and boy, have they kept me busy! Check out these wonderful new kits.

First of all Girl in the sky by Eledwhen Designs, fun, pink and filled with space rockets! With pink glitter!

 This is my youngest, I felt a nice change scenery was due for her!

And my eldest, the alien! This one made GSO at DST!

All with Girl in the sky by Eledwhen Designs for sale at 7th Heaven

 The second kit is Purple Garden by Diana's Creations. I mean, those birds and that little adorable worm. Perfect for the garden photos and yes, my eldest dressed up again.

All with Purple Garden by Diana's Creations for sale at 7th Heaven

And last of all, this is a charity collaboration kit by 7th Heaven desingers for a fellow scrapper Heather Manning, who lost her house in a fire.

So help her out and buy this kit, filled with wonderful papers and beautiful elements.

Wings of Hope, available at 7th Heaven