Saturday, 5 February 2011

It was a birthday bash

A bit late as it was last weekend, but Mscraps had their first birthday last weekend and it was filled with loads of fun and games. I managed to do 7 (!) challenges.

For the scraplift chain:

My DD, who is not crying in this photo but mad at me.
I made it worse by laughing when she pulled this face to tell me off.
This is a lift of paislee-pressplateNo28 by Scrapista.

All with Independent streak collaboration kit

For the non-photo:
 I have this thing with butterflies, the freedom, the beauty. So I hope this page brings that across
Poem from the internet, author unknown

Paper and elements from Hello Spring by Cinzia Designs
Overlays from Autumn Overlays by ad77 Designs
Elements from Treasured and from Precious by Ruth Melody
Elements from Wildflower by Sugarplum Paperie and Joyce Paul
Elements from Upside Down by Dunia Designs

For the template challenge:
My youngest enjoying the cupcake we baked together

All with Upside Down by Dunia
Template by Queen of Hearts 

For the second template challenge:
 My DD on an incredible journey around the house

All with Thankfull collaboration kit
Wordart On the road by Scooty Designs

For the speedscrap(and I won in this one!)
 My DDs

Papers and elements from Independent streak collaboration kit
Elements from Merry A Round by Kim B Designs

For the topsy turvy (scramble a template):
 The future generation walking in a piece of history. My DD in Zion National Park.

Paper and elements from Timeless Collaboration kit
Elements from Precious by Ruth Melody

For the 10 questions:
Ever try and get a good shot of your DDs when playing in the woods? It just doesn't work!

Paper and elements from Wildflower from Sugarplum Paperie and Joyce Paul Designs
Elements from Precious, from Treasured and from Faithful by Ruth Melody
Frame from Vintage Christmas

All I can say was that is was wonderful fun, the challenges are so original and there are loads of people commenting on every page. That makes it feel even more appreciated when you enter. So thank you Mscraps and the team!

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