Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I was so happy last week when I won Kristin Aagard's newest kit Tweethearts. I love her stuff and the pages always seem to fly out when working with them. So there I was sitting at work being so cheerful after the news I was scaring my coworkers!

My DDs.

All with Tweehearts by Kristin Aagard and Vera Lim Designs

And some (!LOL!) random challenges:

For 9th & Bloom:

My DD at her swimming exam for her first swimcertificate
For this months template fusion
All with Sandy toes & Salty kisses by MK Designs
My DD on her fifth birthday
For this months Inspired Impressions

All with Sugar and spice by Holly Designs

This is my best memory of winter times when I was young: skating on the canals and ditches.
All with Winter Breath by Bluebell Designs
My DD telling her my little ponies to listen. I wonder if they listen better than she does to me..
For this months Trendsetter challenge, I used the hearts in the template Wendy gave. Thanks Wendy!
Paper and elements from Thank you by MK Designs and Summerbelle by FruitLoOp Sally

For Mscraps:
My dad build this house for my DDs, not knowing it would not be inhabited by dolls, but by playmobil lions.
All with Home is where the heart is by Loreta Labarca Designs
For this months recipe challenge, one of the many bird figurines I have in my christmas tree.
Papers and elements from Vintage Christmas collaboration kit
Frame from Treasured by Ruth Melody
Paper from Summer breeze collaboration kit
My kitten out in the snow for the first time in her life. She was interested until she found out it was cold!

Paper and elements from Organic collaboration kit and Vintage Christmas
Magical Christmas freebie by Ruth Melody
Elements from iDSD freebie by Ruth Melody
paper from Sonny hearts Candy collaboration kit


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WeeFaerie said...

LOL! I can just see you at work being so happy it's scary! Too funny!