Monday, 31 January 2011

Week 2

A quiet week, with loads of lego! I went to the hardware store with DD2, I got paint and brushes, she walked away with a box of lego. Now how did that happen?

Template by Julie's Creations
Paper and elements from Esprit de Noel by Catherine Designs and Bisontine Designs
Elements from Playroom by Dawn Inskip and LorieM Designs

Friday, 28 January 2011

Faded Love

It's amazing how many Valentine kits there are out there. And so different, I think that's what is so wonderful. This is a more victorian, bohemian style of kit. Makes for wonderful beautiful pages.

My beautiful wonderful DDs

All with Faded Love and Faded Love add-on by Lara's Digi World
for sale at Pickleberry Pop and the Studio

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love is in the air

Didn't I say I was into Valentine kits at the moment? Well, here is another beauty! Just enough Valentine, not too much, not too little, and very versatile and pretty!

 Me and DH on our wedding day

All with love is in the air by Diana's Creations for sale at 7th heaven

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I was so happy last week when I won Kristin Aagard's newest kit Tweethearts. I love her stuff and the pages always seem to fly out when working with them. So there I was sitting at work being so cheerful after the news I was scaring my coworkers!

My DDs.

All with Tweehearts by Kristin Aagard and Vera Lim Designs

And some (!LOL!) random challenges:

For 9th & Bloom:

My DD at her swimming exam for her first swimcertificate
For this months template fusion
All with Sandy toes & Salty kisses by MK Designs
My DD on her fifth birthday
For this months Inspired Impressions

All with Sugar and spice by Holly Designs

This is my best memory of winter times when I was young: skating on the canals and ditches.
All with Winter Breath by Bluebell Designs
My DD telling her my little ponies to listen. I wonder if they listen better than she does to me..
For this months Trendsetter challenge, I used the hearts in the template Wendy gave. Thanks Wendy!
Paper and elements from Thank you by MK Designs and Summerbelle by FruitLoOp Sally

For Mscraps:
My dad build this house for my DDs, not knowing it would not be inhabited by dolls, but by playmobil lions.
All with Home is where the heart is by Loreta Labarca Designs
For this months recipe challenge, one of the many bird figurines I have in my christmas tree.
Papers and elements from Vintage Christmas collaboration kit
Frame from Treasured by Ruth Melody
Paper from Summer breeze collaboration kit
My kitten out in the snow for the first time in her life. She was interested until she found out it was cold!

Paper and elements from Organic collaboration kit and Vintage Christmas
Magical Christmas freebie by Ruth Melody
Elements from iDSD freebie by Ruth Melody
paper from Sonny hearts Candy collaboration kit


Friday, 21 January 2011

Love birds

Yes, another Valentine's kit. Who knew that me, I, the one person who has nothing with Valentine's day at all, would have all these valentine kits to play with? And I love them all.
This one because of omg, have you seen those cute birds?

Now, not having any good photos of me and DH since our wedding nearly thirteen years ago, I make do with my little angels.

 My absolute adorable little monkey being beautiful

 And this is the kit I used, Love Birds by the ever so generous and charming WeeFearie.

You  can download it for free here:

And off course, a quickpage based on my page. I have removed the poem so you can add your own. Just in case you do have lovely photos of you and your life's partner you would like to scrap.


Come back in a couple of days. DD2 wants a page too.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

All things grow with love

I have a chance to do another one kit call for Elj Dorado designs and I love her stuff. Even if it is a Valentine's themed kit and I don't like valentine's day. LOL! But who can resist the brushwork in this kit.

 My DDs

My mother and my youngest

All with Forever Yours by EljDorado Designs on sale at

And come back tomorrow, WeeFaerie and I have a surprise for you!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Week 1

Our first week was a quiet one. DH and DD got to try out a model airplane (DD was beter at flying than DH!) and we our cats were in a good mood.

All with Winter retreat by Catherine Designs (retired)
Template by Julie's Creations

After 5

Well, I've done it again. Finished all four challenges at After 5. Yeah for me! The most fun one was actually the journaling one, on new years resolutions. One of mine (yes, I have more than one, lol!) is to scrap less. Or maybe not less, but after I have done the taking care of the family and the household stuff. She says whilst the girls are breaking down the house and flooding the bathroom unsupervised....

 My DD having fun with party balloons

For this months Flavour of the Month challenge

Paper and elements from Tickle the Sun and StoryTime by Kimla Designs
Elements from Painted Love by Lily Designs
Template by Diana's Creations

 My DD had discovered glue. The joy of having it smeared everywhere!
For this months Lift With a Twist challenge

All with Crafty by Kimla Designs except the butterfly, from Storytime also by Kimla Designs

 All with Creation 23 by Createwings Designs and Catherine Designs

For this months on the house challenge, a photo of flowers in my garden in each season.
All with Nature Lover by Micheline Martin

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


So everyone knows I live on coffee. So why is it when I get this wonderful coffee themed kit to play with it turns out I have no photos of coffee, coffee mugs, me drinking coffee, Starbucks (my absolute favorite)? So I opted for a photo of DD eating a cookie. The cookie was from Starbucks, so we are halfway there... lol!
All with Coffee and Breakfast by Diana's Creations for sale at 7th Heaven

Sunday, 9 January 2011

At the zoo

I am proud to be part of the CT for Diana's Creations since a week or so. She makes, amongst others, templates and this is the first template CT I am on and it's fun! I get to use all kind of kits and the pages are so easy to make.

My DD meeting the tiger at the zoo

Paper and elements from Doodle Zoo by Dawn Inskip
Template from Peanuts vol.1 by Diana's Creations

Thursday, 6 January 2011


It is the sixth and I have already done 5, yes, 5 challenges at Matrioshki. How good is that?

 My eldest DD at 8 months, four years and seven.

For this months scraplift challenge a lift of Once so small by Mummyd
Paper and elements from Wind of Change, Wish Upon a star and Vintage Soft by Natasha NaSt

My DH and DD, she hates being kissed and I got it on camera too!

For this months template challenge
All with Sending my love by Camomile Designs 

 My youngest DD got this under the christmas tree and I still cannot get over it: since when is lego pink? I played with it when I was a child and I remember blue and green and white and space lego. But pink?

For this months journaling challenge.

All with Whatever the weather by Camomile Designs

For this months Matrioshka's sweets challenge, my DD
All with Dream on Christmas Eve by Sunny Scrap Designs, free at Matrioski Scrap Designs

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, a day late. But still I would like to wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year and may 2011 bring you everything you would wish for!