Thursday, 25 November 2010

The last of this months challenges

For 9th & Bloom:

My DD who loves that trampoline
Paper and elements from Happy Place by Fly Pixel Studio
Alpha by Dawn Inskip
For a page on reflection, I never pictured myself as a working mom of two. The quote says it all and is by Douglas Adams

All with Green Day by Pavlinka Designs
Paper and elements from Happy Place by Fly Pixel Studio
Alpha by Dawn Inskip


All with Dear Diary by Damayanti Studio

For After5:
My DD trying to keep dry

All with Paper Rain Collaboration kit

My happy song, walking on sunshine by Katrina & the Waves

Paper and elements from Paper Meadow from Jofia Designs
Happy Holidays from Jofia Designs
Paper from Tickled by the sun by Kimla Designs
Paper from Happy Spring collaboration kit

My mother with two of her granddaughters.

Paper and elements from Kit for Cold Days and Painted with the Autumn Sun by Jofia Designs
Stitches from Syrin

My DDs helping in decorating the christmas tree

All with Green Christmas by Jofia Designs
Template by Roadside Designs

For ShabbyPickles:

My dad with my youngest and my niece

Paper and elements from Bye Summer Time, Deep in the forest, I love the Rain and When the morning comes by Starlight Designs

My DDs

All with Autumn Splendor by New Life Dreams

My DD just dancing out of the picture

Paper and elements from My Dream world by New Life Dreams
Elements from I love rain by Starlight Designs

Our kids loved having breakfast with the disney characters.

Paper and elements from I do Believe and My Dream World by New Life Dreams
Paper from Relax with Tea by Starlight Designs
My DD last year just after her birthday.
All with My Dream World and All things grow with love (retired) by New Life Dreams
That's about it then.

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