Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow Angel

I think this is the perfect day for a winter kit. We have had our first snow fall for this year! Off course leading to chaos on the roads, but when you are not driving, it is so beautiful. And to kick off the wintry season WeeFaerie has Snow Angel, filled with wintery trees and branches and the most cute deer and birds.

My DD as a baby wrapped up for her first snow fall all those years ago.

This is the kit WeeFaerie made.

You can download it for free here at WeeFaerie Ring Designs

And the page as quickpage for you to enjoy.
 It is without the wordart, you can find the Angel part in the kit.

Download here

Enjoy and till next time

Snowy Picture

My DD in the snow last year. I can't wait till the snow ball fights this year.
See if the aiming has gotten any better!

All with Snowy Picture by Lara's Digi World
for sale at

Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter Sunshine

My DD.

All with New Season by BlackCat Designs

December delights

After the first snow of this year it is time for winter kits! Damayanti has the most beautiful kit with icy white, sparkling blue and purple. For this week you get a set of masks for free as well!

All with December Delights
Mask from Beyond the line part 2
by Damayanti Studio
for sale at

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The last of this months challenges

For 9th & Bloom:

My DD who loves that trampoline
Paper and elements from Happy Place by Fly Pixel Studio
Alpha by Dawn Inskip
For a page on reflection, I never pictured myself as a working mom of two. The quote says it all and is by Douglas Adams

All with Green Day by Pavlinka Designs
Paper and elements from Happy Place by Fly Pixel Studio
Alpha by Dawn Inskip


All with Dear Diary by Damayanti Studio

For After5:
My DD trying to keep dry

All with Paper Rain Collaboration kit

My happy song, walking on sunshine by Katrina & the Waves

Paper and elements from Paper Meadow from Jofia Designs
Happy Holidays from Jofia Designs
Paper from Tickled by the sun by Kimla Designs
Paper from Happy Spring collaboration kit

My mother with two of her granddaughters.

Paper and elements from Kit for Cold Days and Painted with the Autumn Sun by Jofia Designs
Stitches from Syrin

My DDs helping in decorating the christmas tree

All with Green Christmas by Jofia Designs
Template by Roadside Designs

For ShabbyPickles:

My dad with my youngest and my niece

Paper and elements from Bye Summer Time, Deep in the forest, I love the Rain and When the morning comes by Starlight Designs

My DDs

All with Autumn Splendor by New Life Dreams

My DD just dancing out of the picture

Paper and elements from My Dream world by New Life Dreams
Elements from I love rain by Starlight Designs

Our kids loved having breakfast with the disney characters.

Paper and elements from I do Believe and My Dream World by New Life Dreams
Paper from Relax with Tea by Starlight Designs
My DD last year just after her birthday.
All with My Dream World and All things grow with love (retired) by New Life Dreams
That's about it then.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

White Christmas

We had our first sighting of snow today. Nothing more but specs of slush, but hey, it's a start!

I am so hoping for snow and ice this Christmas!

All with Christmas Time by Sunny Scraps
for sale at

Monday, 22 November 2010


It is nearing christmas and what better kit for those christmas pages than red, white and glitter! This is my cat sleeping underneath the tree between the presents, best place to sleep off course.

All with Believe by Damayanti Studio for sale at 9th & Bloom

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Holding my miracle

17th November is a Prematurity Awareness Day and this collaboration kit has been made to raise money for BabyKangaroos – the charity project of a charitable organization Zrnka (Grains).

“BabyKangaroos” project is trying to help everywhere where there is a need – sharing parents stories about their babies, sewing and knitting tiny clothes, hats, stabilizers and other items for premature babies, providing rehabilitation instruments or special breast pumps for the breast milk. They cooperate with all the perinatology centers in the Czech Republic, with all the individual neonatology wards.

 My eldest DD
My youngest DD

All with Holding my miracle by ad77design, BL design, Design by Ginger, DYP design, GT designs, Hanulienka, Lara´s Digi World, PST Designs, sarahh graphics, scrapidea-timkova, Viky design, Zalinka design and Anna Tejklova who drew the incubator for us.

For sale at

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Matrioshki Scrap Designs

During the challenges this month at Matrioshki Scrap Designs I was in such a winter mood. It has to be the wonderful kit Winter Poem by Tiramisu that inspired me. She is guesting there this month. And I kind of hope she stays, LOL!

My DD actually undecorating the christmas tree.
All with Winter Poem by Tiramisu Design

My DD in her winterhat
Paper and elements from Winter Poem by Tiramisu Designs
Elements from Winter Fairytale by Natasha NaSt

My DDs at a dutch museum where you get to play dress up and wear clogs.
Paper and brushes from New beginnings and Timeless collaboration kits
Brushes and frames from Different strokes and Family Ties by Fei Fei's stuff

My wish for this winter, to be able to skate again. It would be the third winter in a row that we get to skate on the ice rink, ditches and canals. And my girls are finally getting the hang of it.
All with Winter Flight by Natasha Nast

My DDs being very brave and exploring on their own.
For this months Matrioshki Sweets with Autumn Kit by Natasha NaSt
Wordart by Sabrina Creations

My DDs love to stamp in the puddles.

For the template challenge of november
All with Winds of change by Natasha NaSt

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Make a wish

Even though my girls fight a lot, I wish for them a lifetime of happy memories. Made with the beautiful kit by Damayanti Studio, Make a Wish, in brown, red and white colors, this page is inspire them to love each other forever.

All with Make A Wish by Damayanti Studio at 9th & Bloom

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


It was international Digital Scrapbooking day last saturday and besides the awesome shopping there were some fun challenges to be done.

For a number challenge, as in 10 elements, 9 words etc. How much fun can you have with two helium filled balloons?

Paper and elements from Champagne by Becca
Alpha from Ever After by Becca
Alpha from It's in the news by Jazzmin Designs
Elements from We are Family by Jazzmin Designs
Stitches from Essential Stitches by Syrin

 For a white space challenge, a beautiful little apple

Paper from Pumpkin pie Organic add-on
Elements and brushes from Organic collaboration kit, Autumn Apples by ad77design

 This is for the Relay challenge for DSD, made by a scrap friend and myself.

It features our little girls, who see each other on the pages we do and are very interested in each others toys. As we live on the opposite side of the world, we created a virtual playdate for them

All with the State of Mind Add-on

For a bingo challenge, my DDs playing together.
All with Treasured by Ruth Melody

Monday, 8 November 2010

Winter Sunset

Now it is getting colder, I am kind of hoping for snow like last year. Now that would be fun!

All with Winter Sunset collaboration kit by Lara's Digi World, Moon Designs,
Julie C Designs and Lightning Bug Creations for sale at

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Busy little hands

I am guesting at Damayanti Studio this month and I am so proud I am literally jumping with joy! I did do a double take at the first kit this month as it is a typical boys kit and well, with two very girly girls, that kind of poses a problem picture wise. LOL! But luckily DD2 loves to help her dad with DIY and the kits is so beautiful, the page clicked together. I really recommend the wordarts Damayanti made as they are the little bit extra that makes a page special.

All with Busy Little Hands by Damayanti Studio on sale at 9th & Bloom

And if you get it this weekend, there's an extra sale on for Digital Scrapbooking Day. I have my cart filled already!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Random page

Random set of challenge pages I happen to really like :-)

 My DH and DD

For this months Flip it fast challenge at Catscrap a flipped lift of Baby Curls by Shades of Bliss found here

Paper and elements from Furever by Creashens
Annika's Paths by K Studio
Shadows Perfected by K Studio
 This is as close to the beach as my DD and my dad got that summer: the swimming pool.
For this months Five Pickle Discount at ShabbyPickles a lift of Summer Garden by Mary found here:

All with I sea you by New Life Dreams and Cali Designs

My DDs loved the brontosaurus in the prehistoric park
All with Primeval by Dawn Inskip 

My DD as a baby discovering cds.
For this months Grand Theft Pickle at ShabbyPickles

All with My Dream World by New Life Dreams
Wordart from Sweet by Natali Designs 

 It's the little things that count, like going to stay with your grandparents

For the template challenge of october at Catscrap

Paper and elements from Darling Dear by Creashens
Elements from Any given day by Kelly Mickus

For this months Pickle Page Plan at ShabbyPickles

Paper and elements from Relax with tea by Starlight Designs
Elements from I do believe by New Life Dreams 

My DD during a play as a ghost.
For this months Do it my way challenge at Catscrap

Papers from Jack paperset by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Elements from Boo2u by Lynne-Marie, LilSpooks by Julia Makotinsky, Halloween Epoxies by Creashens,
Halloween freebie by Cheeky Monkey Designs, Darling Dear by Creashens, Essential Stitches by Syrin
Leaves from Le Bal des Sorcieres by PtiteSouris Design 

My DDs walking my brothers dog. I don't who found it more exciting, the girls or the dog! LOL!
For this months Gherkin Goodies at ShabbyPickles

All with Beautiful Autumn by Pink Lotty Designs
That's it for the october challenge pages. Thank you for looking!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Whatever the weather

A beautiful and cheerful kit, suited for everything come rain or sunshine. The doodled flowers are amazing in this kit.

My DD and a friend pulling funny faces.

All with whatever the weather by Camomile Designs available at Matrioshki Scrap Designs