Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bathroom fun

Why is it that when kids take a bath or a shower the whole bathroom gets wet?

Sunny Scrap has a beautiful new kit out with a bathroom theme. It's the frog that makes this kit extra special, how cute is he?

Bathroom Fun by Sunny Scrap Designs on sale now at


Thursday, 28 October 2010


I got the chance to work with a beautiful kit by Kristi W entitled Snowdays. Now we have more periods with ice than snow, but that's no problem as this kit has skating snowmen. Now how perfect is that?

My  DD learning how to skate

All with Snowday by Kristi W available at Scrappin Divaz Designz

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Through all season

I think I've scrapped in the colors of every season this last week or so. All of them for the challenges at Matrioshki Scrap Designs.

In summer colors and of our last vacation:

Whenever I try to take a good photo of my girls, I end up with 10 bad pics of a couple of giggling ladies before I end up with a fairly normal one.

For this months template challenge
All with Siesta Collaboration kit
For this months Matrioshki Sweets
Paper and elements from Lucky Lake Add-on by Komarik Designs
Wordart by Sue Cummings

 Definitely fall:

My DD in the woods.

For this months journaling challenge.

The journaling is a list of all the typical autumn things we do or what happens. I've highlighted the word 'Herfst' which is dutch for autumn

Paper and elements from Warm of Fall by Camomile Designs
Worn photo overlay by Something Blue Studios
More spring like:

My DDs

Fr this months Folk Challenge
Paper and elements from PS I love you and Sweetness by Natali Designs
And in winter colors:

For this months inspiration challenge to use frames, my DDs

Paper and elements from Vintage Soft and Magic Dreams (retired) by Natasha NaSt

My DDs love their cuddly toys.

Paper and elements from Vintage Soft by Natasha NaSt
Paper from Explosion of Fun by Natasha NaSt
Persnipity Alpha by Micheline Martin


Monday, 25 October 2010


How is this for cute monsters:

My DD looking at the stars with her friends.

CU Pack Monstory by Sunny Scrap Designs on sale at Matrioshki Scrap Designs

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Witch at work

My DD makes a great witch, LOL!
All with Alchemy [Night by Lara's Digi World
for sale at

Friday, 22 October 2010

And again...

More challenge pages. I am nearly done for this month!

For 9th and Bloom who have the best challenges:

My DH and DD
For this months Inspired Impressions
All with Beary Friends, Cherish the day and Let's Celebrate by Kasia Designs
Page rim by Lauren Reid

My DD blowing bubbles
For this months Trendsetter challenge to make a page with at least six photos and cover 75% of the page.
Paper and elements from Ephemeral Soul by Becca Designs
Paper and elements from Pretty in Pink by Pavlinka Designs
Rim and stitches by Lauren Reid

A beautiful set of photos of a port in France we visited during our holidays.
For this months template fusion

All with Treibgut by MK Designs
For this months Vintage Corner you had to redo an old page.
I redid an old one of my youngest and totally love the outcome!

All with Drop of Sun by Pavlinka Designs

For MScraps:

For this months Miscellaneous challenge to scrap a life's lesson.
Well, mine is to spread your wings and fly.

All with Hello Spring by Cinzia Designs

A long standing tradition in a lot of dutch classrooms,
the care bear that comes to stay at the houses of the children.
My DD was very proud when it was her turn.

All with Timeless Collaboration kit


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Done and dusted

The first set of pages done for challenges this month. These were for After5. I did all of them except the journaling one, I don't do negative journaling. But check out the freebie from Createwings, how totally awesome is that? You can still get it till the 4th of november, I would if I were you, LOL!

My DD playing hide and seek with the crow
All with Into the pumpkin patch by Createwings Designs

This was the color challenge and as I hadn't bought the collab it was a challenge. But I love the result!


Paper from Xmas Warmth by Karina Designs
Elements from Painting with the Autumn Sun by Jofia Designs, Little Giggle and Always changing by Createwings Designs, Calling all green by Kimla Designs and Sunshine of my life by Jazzmin Designs 

My DD on her fourth birthday and her first day at school
All with Happy birthday collaboration kit

Thursday, 14 October 2010

End of a beautiful summer

I just wanted one more summery cheerful page. With all the sunshine you nearly forget it's already october.
These are my girls a few years ago playing in the garden.

All with Leaving summer behind by Lara's Digi World for sale at Pickleberry Pop

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fright Night

Yes, it's nearing halloween. And the halloween pages are everywhere. So how is this for spooky cuteness (check out the totally fantastic ghoul and the cute frog!)

 My DD as a witch eating eyes of newts (well, ok, gummy bears...)

DD doing her magic thing.

All with Fright Night by Sunny Scraps Designs for sale at

Monday, 4 October 2010


A week or so ago, I posted WeeFaerie's new kit Harvest Time. Now, it not only had autumn and harvest elements, but also Halloween.
Very fitting for my eldest, who is a huge Harry Potter fan and loves to be a witch.

You can find the kit here:

And this is the free quickpage:

I recently took a look (actually when uploading this one) at the number of downloads and one page, Awakenings, has passed the thousand downloads mark. I am bursting with pride and joy that so many people like the pages. I hope everyone has as much joy in using them as I have had in making them.
A very big thank you to Debi from WeeFearie Ring Designs for spreading the magic of her world and I hope she will continue to bring such beauty and wonder into our worlds.

In case you missed any page, you can find links to my other quickpages on the right hand side.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

My happy place and more

I did three after5 challenges this month, my absolute favorite being to scrap your happy place.
Well, this is mine:
For this months Straight up challenge

Paper and elements from Sea dreaming by Holly Spring Designs
Frame from Vintage White by Lily Designs
Wordart from Katie Pertiet

 My DD loves to garden.

For this months on the house challenge

All with Cottage critters by Amy Hutchinson 
My youngest loves getting her face painted.

For this months With a Twist

All with Summer Belle by FruitloOp Sally

Warm of Fall

Camomile Design has this beautiful kit out which is something different than the typical autumn colors. Gorgeous orange and purples and reds.

So I added the untypical photo of my youngest on the beach in autumn, because let's face it, nothing beats walking on the beach, in winter or summer, rain or sun

And my eldest discovering autumn paints the most beautiful pictures

All with Warm of Fall by Camomile Design on sale at Matrioshki Scrap Designs

Friday, 1 October 2010

Last of the september pages

Ok, just to show these and then september is done.

For the challenges at 9th & Bloom:

My youngest playing in the wooden house in the garden.

For this months Template Fusion challenge
All with Lucky Day by Emeto Designs

My DD all dressed up.

For this months inspired impressions

Paper and elements from Ever After by Becca
Wordart from Princess Clippings by Lauren Reid
Mask from Wish upon a star by Natasha NaSt

For this months trendsetter challenge I scrapped a song by Terry Jacks called seasons in the sun. It is a very touching song about someone saying goodbye to life. hence the symbolic person walking away (actually me) and the floating photo's as a testament of life.

All with Drop of Sun by Pavlinka Designs

My seven year old dancing her first recital a few months ago. I was such a proud mummy!

For this months Vintage Corner
All with Ever After by Becca
based on a template by Roadside Designs

And for Shabbypickles:
My DD very proud with her umbrella, all ready for the wet season of autumn

For this months Gherkin Goodies

All with September Colors by Starlight Designs
For this months Shabby Inspiration challenge, my beautiful dd.

All with Vintage Soft by Natasha NaSt designs

My beautiful DD

For this months Pickle Page Plan

Paper and elements from Bye bye summer and Deep in the forest by Starlight Designs

My DD just loves her cuddly toys

For this months Five Pickle Discount I lifted Alone with the sea by Novaczka

Paper and elements from Oh my love by MDesigns and Spring Garden by Natasha NaSt


For this months Gherkin Mix

All with Sleep my little child by Vesi Designs

And a Catscrap challenge:

10 things that make me happy

Paper and elements from Dainty and Torn Bits 1 by Creashens
Thank you for looking!