Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some to share

My DD and my DH fast asleep

For a challenge to use 5 different fonts. I discounted the two already on the bg paper and the journaling block element and added:
nursery rhyme at the top - PhontPhreaks Handwriting
title - Trajan Pro
photo information - Ribbon Happy
date under photo - Pieces of eight
journaling - Unnamed Melody

All with Memories Captured collaboration kit from 9th and Bloom

For a challenge to scrap with this numbers, this is my youngest at every birthday so far.

Paper and elements from Summerbreeze collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Elements from Sonny hearts candy collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Wordart from Vera Lim Designs

My 7 year old daughter had to hold her first class speech. They get a box which they fill with things they care about and then tell the class about the things. It's called the This is me box. This page is about the things she put in there.

Paper and elements from Timeless collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Elements from Precious by Ruth Melody Designs

This is a shot of the standing stones of Carnac in France. It is the most amazing site to visit.

All with Timeless collaboration kit from Memory Scraps

My seven year old dancing her first recital a few months ago. I was such a proud mummy!

All with Ever After by Becca
based on a template by Roadside Designs


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