Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A kit for crafts pages

EljDorado has this beautiful new kit out called Masha. The elements are totally wonderful to create pages on the topic of crafts like sewing and knitting. And as I have just since this winter started knitting again, I had to do a page on that.

My DD wearing one of my creations, an elven hat. It's actually the only thing I can knit at the momen, elven hats in all colors! With great thanks to my friend Debi for sending me the pattern!

And this is my DD1 in her own world of creativity!

The kit Masha by EljDorado is on sale at

Two Little Pixels


Dreamland Digital Designs


1 comment:

WeeFaerie said...

Awesome pages and you did an amazing job with the hats too! You're welcome for the pattern, just wait until you see the cat one. You'll be knitting those too lol!