Friday, 24 September 2010

Harvest Time

I love the fall season. We live in a street with large oak trees and I love those trees. I have tried to teach my girls to whistle on the acorn caps, but so far they just don't get it.
And trees mean leaves. I don't mind clearing all the leaves up, it makes for excellent photo shots and the girls are usually willing to help. Besides, as someone just pointed out to me, leaves make excellent material for crafts.

So, in honor of this wonderful season, WeeFaerie Ring Designs has a new kit out called Harvest Time. I just love it, especially as she added a mouse on my request. And a squirrel and a very cute spider. Yes, there are such things as cute spiders! LOL!

So here is my first page with it featuring my beautiful eldest girl:

You can find the kit here:

And this is my fall gift to you

Hope you enjoy and till next time


fl_connie said...

What a beautiful qp! Thanks so much!

Amanda Hlavacek said...

Very pretty, thanks Jetje

Seelenschwester said...

Wonderfull - thank you so much much!

GrannyNKy said...

Thank you for the lovely gift!!!

Ellie said...

Gorgeous QP Sweetie.
Hugs, Ellie