Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fight like a girl

The statistics in my country says one in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer. One in nine, I think that's a lot. Better treatments are available than a generation ago, but there is still a long way to go. To help fund research Matrioshki Scrap Designs designers have made this wonderful collaboration kit Fight like a girl. The proceeds from the sale of this kit go to the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. Help fight like a girl for all girls.

Fight like a girl collaboration kit on sale now at Matrioshki Scrap Designs

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mellow Autumn

Yes, more autumn kits! This one is totally adorable, I just love hand drawn kits and this one is beautiful. And check out the dog, isn't he cute?

 My DD in a different setting

And my youngest sweeping the pavement.

All with Mellow Autumn, on sale at Matrioshki Scrap Designs 

Friday, 24 September 2010

Harvest Time

I love the fall season. We live in a street with large oak trees and I love those trees. I have tried to teach my girls to whistle on the acorn caps, but so far they just don't get it.
And trees mean leaves. I don't mind clearing all the leaves up, it makes for excellent photo shots and the girls are usually willing to help. Besides, as someone just pointed out to me, leaves make excellent material for crafts.

So, in honor of this wonderful season, WeeFaerie Ring Designs has a new kit out called Harvest Time. I just love it, especially as she added a mouse on my request. And a squirrel and a very cute spider. Yes, there are such things as cute spiders! LOL!

So here is my first page with it featuring my beautiful eldest girl:

You can find the kit here:

And this is my fall gift to you

Hope you enjoy and till next time

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some to share

My DD and my DH fast asleep

For a challenge to use 5 different fonts. I discounted the two already on the bg paper and the journaling block element and added:
nursery rhyme at the top - PhontPhreaks Handwriting
title - Trajan Pro
photo information - Ribbon Happy
date under photo - Pieces of eight
journaling - Unnamed Melody

All with Memories Captured collaboration kit from 9th and Bloom

For a challenge to scrap with this numbers, this is my youngest at every birthday so far.

Paper and elements from Summerbreeze collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Elements from Sonny hearts candy collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Wordart from Vera Lim Designs

My 7 year old daughter had to hold her first class speech. They get a box which they fill with things they care about and then tell the class about the things. It's called the This is me box. This page is about the things she put in there.

Paper and elements from Timeless collaboration kit from Memory Scraps
Elements from Precious by Ruth Melody Designs

This is a shot of the standing stones of Carnac in France. It is the most amazing site to visit.

All with Timeless collaboration kit from Memory Scraps

My seven year old dancing her first recital a few months ago. I was such a proud mummy!

All with Ever After by Becca
based on a template by Roadside Designs


Monday, 20 September 2010

Happy birthday

I am still working on the albums for both girls and am just finishing up DD1's album up and till she turned four. Yes, I know, she's seven now...

I got this kit as a RAK from Golden Sun and it is so beautiful. I did a two pages with it.

All with Emilka's birthday by Golden Sun Designs found here:

Digital Crea

Friday, 17 September 2010

Sunny Autumn

Yes, it the time of year for autumn kits. I just adore these warm colors


All with Sunny Autumn by BlackCat Designs for sale

at DigiscrapMania Shop


Sunday, 12 September 2010

In the kitchen

Sunny Scrap is guesting at Shabbypickles this month and she did this wonderful kitchen themed kit. Check out the most adorable mouse!

My DD giving a wise lesson on how to eat cake

My DD who has an immense sweet tooth. This scene seemed appropriate

All with Kitchen by Sunny Scrap Designs for sale at

Shabbypickle Designs

Till next time!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I got the chance to work with a kit by PtiteSoruis called Rouge Tendresse. It is beautiful summery kit that makes the autumn day here feel less autumny.

My eldest a few years ago watering the plants

My youngest loves helping out in the garden.

All with Rouge Tendresse by PtiteSouris on sale at Digital Crea

Friday, 3 September 2010

Teddy bears

Ok, I just love these teddy bears in the Teddy Bear Picnic kit WeeFaerie made. So I did another page, but this one is more for those adorable baby pics.
How about my beautiful youngest as the sweetest baby ever?

I have this available as quickpage if you like.

Download here

And I did this wonderful scene page with my youngest who posed especially for this.
Isn't she sweet?

You can download the whole kit at Weefaerie Ring


A little dream

I got this kit as a RAK from Damayanti and Three Sweet Chicks. I was totally inspired by the wordart as it reminded me of the beautiful song by Louis Armstrong. This is my beautiful DD pretending to be asleep.

A little dream by Damayanti Studio and Three Sweet Chicks Designs for sale at
So thank you ladies!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A kit for crafts pages

EljDorado has this beautiful new kit out called Masha. The elements are totally wonderful to create pages on the topic of crafts like sewing and knitting. And as I have just since this winter started knitting again, I had to do a page on that.

My DD wearing one of my creations, an elven hat. It's actually the only thing I can knit at the momen, elven hats in all colors! With great thanks to my friend Debi for sending me the pattern!

And this is my DD1 in her own world of creativity!

The kit Masha by EljDorado is on sale at

Two Little Pixels


Dreamland Digital Designs


The last of the august pages

I can''t believe august is done and dusted. Where did the summer go? And how come my baby is suddenly five?

I did get an endsprint on challenge pages. And I love them. Some of them are for DD1's album, so the photos are from a few years ago, but still cute!

My DDs a few years ago.

Paper and elements from Hop into Spring by Mary Pop Designs and Mystique Designs
Elements from Spring Garden by Natasha NaSt Designs

My grandfather used to say, for kids summer consists of three things: sun, sand and sea. And he was right!

All elements from Holiday Memories and Yellow Day by MDesigns
Except paper and watersplash from Seaside Holidays by BlackCat Designs and
worn photo overlay from Something Blue Studios

My DD at a few weeks old asleep on DH's lap.

For this months Grand Theft Pickle a lift of Cherish this moment by Kayla-x89 found here:

All with Hop into Spring by Mystique Designs and MaryPop Designs

A luilak is a sleepy head in dutch. My DD who decided that even though it was lovely weather outside, our bed was the perfect place to play all day.

For template fusion challenge at 9th & Bloom

All with Lucky Day by Emeto Designs

For this months O Stash challenge I lifted Magoo - tech head by HelenH found at Oscraps, as I loved the use of the brushes against the white bg. I did a page on Sinterklaas for my DD's album with the fabulous and one-of-a-kind kit Sinterklaas by Kim De Smet.

Well this was my youngest DD's birthday last year and the day she started school. A happy occasion because it is such a milestone, but sad because, boy, did I have empty nest syndrome!

Paper and elements from Summer breeze collab kit
Elements from Sonny hearts candy collab
Worn photo overlay from Something Blue Studios

My DD dressed up as a princess with her new princess barbie.

All with Ever After By Becca

My DDs pretending to be asleep in a large wooden chair my dad built out of logs. I love these pics, the little folded hands of the smallest and the fact there were bugs everywhere which they totally missed!

All with Siesta collaboration kit from Matrioshki Scrap designs

A multi pic page on one of our trips to Disneyland paris a few years ago.

For this months Miscellaneous Challenge

Paper from Summerbreeze collab kit
Elements from Colorpop by Joyce Paul and Love at first cuddle by Designs by Anita and Fei Fei's stuff
Based on a template by Polly and Rufus Designs

For scraplift challenge at Mscraps, my DD being, well..., my DD!

Papers, alpha and elements from New Beginnings collab kit
Elements from Noticed by Three Paper Peonies and Mona Lisa Smiles
Frame from Ballerina by Sabrina Creations

Ok, I've been busy! And as it's the first of september today it means a whole lot of challenges are going up!