Saturday, 24 July 2010

Blog award from WeeFaerie

I got a blog award, me, my little blog. Amazing! I am very honored to have received, so thank you Debi! Debi is off course the designer of WeeFaerie Ring Designs, those wonderful kits I use to make the quickpages. And she does project 365 and those photo's are amazing: 365 WeeFaerie Days

Now, I almost missed receiving the blog as I am lousy at checking my comments. Maybe that's my lesson for today, pay more attention to details, in this case that little grey sentence at the bottom of the post that tells me how many comments there are...

And in honor of receiving this, I have to tell you all 7 things most people don't know. So here goes:

1. I am afraid of earwigs. I can do spiders, bugs and other creepy crawlies, but I loath those small brown insects. And why, well, because of their name. I always see them crawling in and out of my ear and that gives me the shivers. Even looking at a pic just now as I had to look up the english translation gives me goosebumps, and not in a good way!

2. I always say in restaurants that I am allergic to liver, but I am not really. I just absolutely hate the stuff and it does make me physically sick, but not in a puffed up rash kind of way. I would never order it, but it is also often used a garnish whereby the taste mingles with the food. So by telling that I am allergic, I make sure they don't use it. Is that bad?

3. I can actually do the housework I do in about half the time I always say I need. As I work nearly fulltime and have a family, I don't get much me-time. By giving the impression I spend the rest of the time doing housework, my family leaves me alone and I get to do something for myself, like scrap or read.

4. The use of my hands is not what it used to be. I used to be quite good at fiddly stuff like needlepoint and calligraphy and drawing. But ever since an inflammation in my shoulderblades I can't seem to manage and my muscles seize up. I don't have that problem when using a mouse or tablet, that's why digiscrapping is such a lifesaver.

5. I can read latin. I did my dutch exams in four languages, dutch, english, french and latin. I had to skip one year of latin due to timetable issues (they couldn't fit that class in in my timetable), but I missed it so much I caught up with the class during my summer schoolholiday and proceeded to pass my exam. With flying colours I might add...

6. I am addicted to sudoku puzzels. I even have it installed on my phone and if I ever have to wait for meetings or if I get bored, I play a bit.

7. My dream and top of my bucketlist is to swim in all the seven seas. As the definition of the seven seas change in time my list is from the age of discovery: the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. I can cross off the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Mediterranean and I can see an issue with the Arctic (like how to stop freezing...) but I'll figure something out. Until then the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are next on the list, just not anytime soon. But that's what a dream is for, isn't it? To stick around until done or it is the end.

And now to pass it on:
I would like to pass it on to two blogs I read for two very different reasons. One is for a lady, Veronique, I met through the internet based on the fact we were both expecting children in april 2003. Her blog keeps me up to date on the goings on on her family: All about us
The other blog is one I love for a very different reason, her templates are the backbone of my project 52: My crazy life as mom and wife. Visit her and you will be amazed!


WeeFaerie said...

I am so trying number 3 lol!

Earwigs are scary, they beat spiders hands down but I think praying mantis beat them both shiver!

Thank you for listing your 7! You are a brilliant, wonderful person that I love reading new things about. A real treasure!

Julie said...

Your so sweet! Thanks so much for the award! Im so glad you like my templates!

Veronique said...


Dankjewel!!! Wat lief van je!
Ik heb hem meteen gepost op mijn blogspot, meteen een heel verhaal verzonnen wat nog niet makkelijk was;)