Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tati by Elj Dorado

I got the chance to make some pages with the new kit by Elj Dorado. The kit has the most beautiful colors of purple and green and flowers and balloons and so much more. Perfect for a birthday or summery page.

DD2 blowing bubbles

DD2 at her birthday last year august.

Tati by Elj Dorado on sale now at Twolittlepixels

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fairies, apples, staying over and more

For a challenge on Catscrap, My girls love to go stay at my parents place, and as far as they are concerned, it's even better if they go alone.

For the CT Spotlight Challenge a lift of Exploring by sbaird

All with Any given day by Kelly Mickus and Creashens

My version of well a fairy tree with DD as the fairy

For this months With a twist challenge at After5

Paper and elements from Painted Love and Baby Elf, both by Lily Designs

For the Straight up challenge of May a page on my eldest. She is a fantastic child with a mind of her own and she will go far in life.

All with Welcome to the Old World by Lily Designs and SussieM

My DD has just learned how to read and write, so she has started writing stories to go with her drawings. I made a page on that.

For the May color challenge at after5.

Elements from We are family by Jazzmin Designs
Paper from Xmas Warmth by Karina Designs
Elements from The Artists workshop by Jofia Designs
Elements from Storytime by Kimla Designs
Elements from Calling all green by Kimla Designs

Now the saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but my eldest DD prefers cookies!

For the On the House challenge of May, again at after5.

With freebie Delish by Fruitloop Sally

Thank you for looking and have a nice day!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Latest challenges

All for Shabbypickles Designs:

A page on mother's day. Last year I got a present from my youngest she had made at kindergarten. On the wrapping paper the teacher had stuck a little poem on it about mothers. It is so sweet, I kept it and scanned it. It is on the bottom right of the tree.
The present was sweet too, a handprinted tile.

I used mom's typewriter font and paper and elements from cherish the day by Kasia Designs
The staples holding the paper are from Cosy winter by Mag Designs.

My DD and my brother doing something on the laptop (probably playing games)

All with Cherish the day by Kasia Designs

put my eldest on a dragon as she loves dragons!

Paper and elements from Sundri by MK Designs except the tree from Neverending Story by Pavlinka Designs and the alpha from Tender Moments by NewLifeDreams

My DD on her 7th birthday.

For the Shabby Inspiration challenge of May

All with Pretty in Pink by Pavlinka designs

My DDs playing it up in the mud.

This is a lift of Fishing for dreams by Monije

All with Yellow Day by MDesigns Creations

A page on the newest member of my family, a 10 week old kitten.

Paper and elements (some recolored) from Ladybird by Magali Desings
Flowers and swirls from I believe by New Life Dreams
Elements from Cosy Winter by Magali Designs
Hearts (recolored) from Think Fresh by et designs
Elements from Spring Concerto collaboration
alpha from Delish by FruitloopSally

My DD received a box of make up for her 7th birthday. So I helped her get all prettied up.

For the Gherkin Mix & Match challenge of May

All with Pretty in Pink by Pavlinka Designs

Monday, 17 May 2010

Welcome to my garden

My DD in her dream garden. The kitten from the kit actually looks a lot like our new one. Cute!

All with Welcome to my garden by BlackCat Designs


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Awakening with ducks

A few days ago on iNSD I promised to bring another page from WeeFaerie's kit Awakenings.
And here it is:

With ducks on it!

Download here

And remember, you can download the kit here for free: WeeFaerieRing Designs

And this was the other quickpage

Download here

All other quickpages made with WeeFaerie Ring Designs kits can be found through the freebies link on the right.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All challenges iNSD

Ok, I had a blast at iNSD and participated in loads of challenges (and actually won nothing!)
Oh well.

At Mscraps:
10 Questions game (the best ever!)

My answer to the 10 questions game, this has to be it! (it wasn't)

About DDs sweet tooth.

Paper and elements from Sonny {Heart}s Candy collab
Screw from Take me to the old world by SussieM
Stitches by Syrin

CT lift:

My DD1 smiling despite the rain.

For the iNSD scrapchain I lifted For.tu.nate by Gonewiththewind

All with When you smile by Jen Barette

Speedscrap 1:

A tale about my brother's cat.

Paper, butterfly and flowers from 3 paper peonies
staple and twig from new beginnings
frame from Color Pop by Joyce Paul
Ribbon from Ready for Spring
Mask by me

Speedscrap 2:

Me and DD2.

Paper, circle from and ribbon from ballerina by Sabrina Creations
FLower and stamp from Ready for Spring
Date liner from New Beginnings
Ribbon and wordart from Mammarazzi by MonaLisaSmiles
Title from A shabby moment by Brem Boone

At After5:

When we went to the zoo a while ago, there was a baby giraf just three days old. The girls were very impressed he was just like their playmobil girafs.

All with Zoo Day by Kristin Aagard
Texture freebie from Cinnamon Design

My DDs together. I hop they always stay as happy as in this picture.

All with Shabby Nature from Kimla Designs

At Catscrap:

My DD2.

All with Any given day by Creashens and Kelley Mickus

Speedscrap at Shabbypickles:

My DD being herself.

Paper and elements from Painter Dreams by Dilo and Mag Designs
elements from Explosion of fun by Natasha NaSt

Oh what fun we had! Now until the next digital scrapbooking day. Can't wait.
And if you're looking for the quickpages, follow the freebie link on your right.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Freebie from BlackCat Designs

BlackCat Designs has this amazing freebie out at DigiscrapMania Shop. It's only free for a week so get it now!

This is my page with it:

Go here to DigiscrapMania Shop

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Awakenings - happy iNSD!!!

For international Scrapbooking Day WeeFaerie has a new kit. Pale new light of day filtering through the trees onto lakes and reflecting in the water. It has the colors perfect for those hazy starts of a day we have a lot here. I love that time of day as the colors looked just painted on by the fairies.

This is my page with it:

You can download it here for free: WeeFaerieRing Designs

And it has the most cutest ducks ever!

Anyway, I turned the page into a quickpage for you. Enjoy!


Come back in a few days and I might have one more page for you.

Happy interNational Scrapbooking day!

Especially for you

Especially for my DD who just turned 7, I cannot believe how fast you have grown.

All with Especially for you from BlackCat Designs on sale at

DigiScrap Mania