Saturday, 6 March 2010

I've been busy again

I've been busy again. These are the latest:

For ShabbyPickles:

My girls together in the baby bath in the shower. Total fun!
And I could close the door if the water was going everywhere.
All with Pond play by Kristin Aagard
Alpha is bonus alpha also from Kristin Aagard

My DDs having a ball, with the elder helping out her baby sister by steering. Cute!
All with Little Forest by Kristin Aagard

For Oscraps:
For this months copycat challenge, I did a page on my girls in the playpen.
The conversation goes something like this:
- Big one: One second we're playing, the next we're stuck in here.
- Little one: It's fun, let's read a book
- Big one: as if I want to be stuck in here with you all day
-Little one: maybe if I smile pretty, they'll let us out
Paper and elements from Family Ties by Fei Fei's stuff and Joyce Paul
Elements from Life is beautiful by Cinzia Loosemore

With Wee bit of Luck:
For Debi, to show spring is coming, the first snowdrops in my garden.
With Wee bit of luck by WeeFaerie Ring Designs (free at WeeFaerie Ring Designs)
Stitches from Syrin's essential stitches

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