Tuesday, 30 March 2010

In de manenschijn

For my musical alfabet book the I, a dutch nursery rhyme called In the moonlight (In de manenschijn). I have sung this to my youngest since she was born and she loves it. I remember when she was in hospital hooked up to all these machines, when she was upset and I sang this, she would stop crying and the monitors would show her heartbeat calming down. Pure mama magic.

The song has weird lyrics, hence the different elements in the page, like the fish, bird, ladder and centipede polishing his shoes.

Paper and elements from Mystery Land by Maelia Designs
Elements from Tender Moments from New Life Dreams
Fish from Song of the islands by MDesigns Creations
Dancing person from Dancing in the rain by Kasia Designs
Centipede made especially for this page by WeeFaerie Ring Designs (thanks Debi!)

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