Tuesday, 30 March 2010

In de manenschijn

For my musical alfabet book the I, a dutch nursery rhyme called In the moonlight (In de manenschijn). I have sung this to my youngest since she was born and she loves it. I remember when she was in hospital hooked up to all these machines, when she was upset and I sang this, she would stop crying and the monitors would show her heartbeat calming down. Pure mama magic.

The song has weird lyrics, hence the different elements in the page, like the fish, bird, ladder and centipede polishing his shoes.

Paper and elements from Mystery Land by Maelia Designs
Elements from Tender Moments from New Life Dreams
Fish from Song of the islands by MDesigns Creations
Dancing person from Dancing in the rain by Kasia Designs
Centipede made especially for this page by WeeFaerie Ring Designs (thanks Debi!)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Music and movies

My last two pages were themed. I never do theme pages. LOL! But anyway, I did a page on a movie for Shabbypickles.

My entry for this months Pickle Pop Challenge on movies. I actually bought Pavlinka's kit because of the name. I love Neverending story, the book and the movie. So the choice for a movie page was easy.

The flying dragon on the book is extracted from a pic I took of it's statue in Warner Bros Movie world. The little girl walking up the stairs is my DD1. Underneath the book is written "do what you want' in dutch, the saying that is printed on the back of the book.

The page shows the story of walking out of the book through the mirror doors. Well, kind of.

All with Pavlinka's Never Ending Story

And the H for my music book, the dutch song Houten hart (wooden Heart) by the Poema's. The song is about a heart shaped and formed by previous experiences and relationships.
This page is for my DH, it's his favorite song.

Paper and elements from Pele Mele Autumn Variation by Catherine Designs
Elements from Re-Creation 23 by CreateWings Designs and Catherine Designs
Photo overlays by Something Blue Studios

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easter Story

Easter for me is chicks, eggs and daffodils. So here is a beautiful scene with DD2 picking daffodils.

All with Easter Story by Blackcat Designs, on sale now at Scrap Dreams

Scrap Dreams

Saturday, 20 March 2010


On a day it poured with rain, some sunshine on a page.

For this months Five pickle Discount at ShabbyPickles I lifted Princess of Pink by Shayarka.

DD1 as the sunshine in my life.

Papers and elements from Holiday Memory by MDesigns Creations
Elements from Bits and Pieces by Natasha NaSt

A letter from the heart to my daughter with some wise words from her mom.

Paper and elements from Re-Creation 23 by Createwings Designs and Catherine Designs
Elements from Sweet Pea by Createwings Designs

Friday, 19 March 2010

Sweet Dreams

I love taking pics of sweet sleeping kids. They are so quiet and peaceful. So different than during the day. LOL! BlackCat Design has the most beautiful kit out for pages of sleeping and cute kids. And two gorgeous set of quickpages so you should go check it out.

My DD2 pretend sleeping.

All with Sweet Dreams by BlackCat Designs on sale at

DigiscrapMania Shop

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

And more pages

Been busy!

At After5:

When I got the lottery ticket from Jazzmin Designs this was one of the kits: daydream believer. I immediatly started singing the song with the same name by the Monkees. I just can't help myself. So I made a page on the lyrics.

All with Daydream believer by Jazzmin designs

My DD1 and her best friend at kindergarten.

With the on the House freebie, add on Victoria by Bisontine
Wordart by Katie Pertiet
At Shabbypickles:

DDs in the inflatible swimming pool in the back yard.

Paper and elements from Dancing in the rain by Kasia Designs
Elements from Think Fresh by Et Designs

My mother is so great at reading to the girls. I give up after reading the same book three or four times. She will go on and on and on.

Everything from Spring Concerto Collaboration kit at Shabbypickles

My DD1 at her cutest!

All with the spring concerto collab

My DD1 teaching her sister how to crawl or slide across the floor. It was fun to watch.

I lifted Snow Prince by Yoyowook (http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=887581&title=snow-prince-&cat=all)

Tender Moments and All things grow with love by New Life Dreams

This is DH and DD1 watching the flower corso a few years ago.

Everything from Spring Concerto collaboration kit

my DD2 on her swing.

All with this months freebie by Emeto at ShabbyPickles

At Oscraps:

A peacock at the kids petting zoo. He was so pretty and did he know it! Vain thing.

Paper from BLossom Day by Kitty Designs (recolored)
Frame and wordart (recolored) from Life is Beautiful by Cinzia Loosemore

At Mscraps:

I got RAK-ed by MonaLisaSmiles and I choose her great kit that centers round photography.

For this months photography challenge, four pics of the ground in France taken by my DD2. Why the ground, I really do not know.

Everything from Mamarazzi by MonaLisaSmiles

And for myself:

For the Pixel dust challeng to scrap a favorite pic of green. Well, this says it all doesn't it? Amazing sight

Paper from Noticed by Three Paper Peonies and MonaLisaSmiles
Elements from Life is Beautiful and Moments by Cinzia Loosemore

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is fast approaching us. I see snowdrops and crocusses in the garden. The Keukenhof is opening next week and I want spring!

And with spring comes my DD1 birthday and easter. She was born on what is known in the Netherlands as Good Friday and easter and her birthday are never far apart. This year, her cousin is turning four on the monday after easter so it will be party time. I cannot wait.

And to get in the mood, WeeFaerie Ring Designs has Sweet Egg-scape, a happy cheerful easter kit.

You can get the kit for free at WeeFaerieRing Designs

I made these pages. For the memory albums for my DD1.

DD1 loving the chocolate on the easter table

DD1 with little chicks at my aunts place.

I turned both pages into quickpages for you to download for free.

Download here

Download here

Hope you enjoy and a happy easter!

Oh and if you are interested in other quick pages made with kits by WeeFaerieRing Designs, click the freebies link on the right hand side.

Let the sun shine

BlackCat Designs has a new kit out, made for spring. So I turned DD1 into a spring sprite!

And how's this for a zen garden?

All with Let the Sunshine, for sale now at DigiScrap Mania Shop

Saturday, 6 March 2010

I've been busy again

I've been busy again. These are the latest:

For ShabbyPickles:

My girls together in the baby bath in the shower. Total fun!
And I could close the door if the water was going everywhere.
All with Pond play by Kristin Aagard
Alpha is bonus alpha also from Kristin Aagard

My DDs having a ball, with the elder helping out her baby sister by steering. Cute!
All with Little Forest by Kristin Aagard

For Oscraps:
For this months copycat challenge, I did a page on my girls in the playpen.
The conversation goes something like this:
- Big one: One second we're playing, the next we're stuck in here.
- Little one: It's fun, let's read a book
- Big one: as if I want to be stuck in here with you all day
-Little one: maybe if I smile pretty, they'll let us out
Paper and elements from Family Ties by Fei Fei's stuff and Joyce Paul
Elements from Life is beautiful by Cinzia Loosemore

With Wee bit of Luck:
For Debi, to show spring is coming, the first snowdrops in my garden.
With Wee bit of luck by WeeFaerie Ring Designs (free at WeeFaerie Ring Designs)
Stitches from Syrin's essential stitches

Friday, 5 March 2010

Beautiful day

Well, we have a snow warning but BlackCat Designs new kit will make you feel like spring. Titled a Beautiful Day it contains stunning yellow and dark pink colors. These are my pages:

DD2 at her cutest

Both girls. They love to play outside on beautiful days, so this was kind of appropriate.

All with Beautiful Day by BlackCat Designs

Digiscrap Mania Shop

Monday, 1 March 2010

Be Happy

I have spring on my mind, seeing as it's the first of March. Spring for me means flowers so here are some flower pages made with the cheerful Be Happy kit, new from BlackCat Designs

DD2 as an orchid fairy, isn't she cute?

DD1 loved to pick flowers. Even from our own or someone else's garden.

All with Be Happy by BlackCat Designs

For sale at Digiscrap Mania Shop