Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Challenges and other stuff

Well, I did some more challenges here and there.

At After 5

DD1 loves to paint, but who said anything about using a brush?
All with The Artists Workshop by Jofia Designs

At ShabbyPickles

DD1 building a tower higher than herself!
Everything with Explosion of Fun by Natasha NaSt Designs

My DD2 was so tired after swimming, she just fell asleep sitting on the couch.

Paper from Dinosaur Daze by Kristin Aagard
Elements (some recolored) from The Tender Moments by New Life Dreams
Overlay by Vera Lim

At Oscraps

The things that make me laugh are the things that my kids say. DD1 had a bit of trouble with headlice. I had told her that she had lice because she has this thick nice clean hair and that is where lice wanted to live. So the next day she says to me: I know why the lice live in my hair. My hair is like a palace with two trampolines!

New leaf by Paislee Press and Audacious Designs

Bug from Spring Bees collab (recolored)

And the other stuff, just a page for the fun of it.

My DD2 on her last birthday, being spoilt rotten (but she deserves it!)

With Little Miss can't be wrong by Traci Reed, part of last months Daily Digi


WeeFaerie said...

Awesome pages! Great job on completing so many challenges!

Amanda said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have an award on my blog