Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You got to see this: Daily Digi

I am a big fan of Paislee Press and on her blog I came across the Daily Digi. This is a scrapbooking site where you can buy a kind of grab bag with a number of kits in them for 5 dollars. You do get to see the designers names that have contributed and during the month the collection is sold they unveil the kits one at a time.
Anyway this month Paislee Press had contributed a kit and Danielle Young from Something Blue Studios and Vinnie Pearce. Designers I know and have bought stuff from in the past.
Through a different scrapbooksite the owner of the Daily Digi heard that I was asking around about the validity of the site. I mean, all those kits for 5 dollars, I was wondering if it was too good to be true.

So she gave me a trial run and I can tell you, it is true and it is good!

I got 7 kits and a set of quick pages made with those kits. The payment is via Paypal so secure, the cart and download area are just like any other shop.

The downside is that the files are large and the download speed left something to be desired. But they were changing servers at the time so maybe that was the reason. You can always go back and restart the download so no real problems there.

I was also worried that the kits would be small and not standard shop size on the number of elements and papers. And whilst maybe two of the kits were on the smallish side, the other most certainly are not. You get papers, elements, alphas and sometimes even wordarts. I loved the Paislee Press one and the Sweet shop kit.

The style of the kits is the conventional scrapbookstyle, so no fantasy. Maybe that was just this month, maybe not. But there is more than enough there to do minimalistic and the more busy pages like mine.

And the quick pages, now I don't like quick pages, because they never really fit the picture or something is not quite right. But you get the photoshop files as well, so you can change all that. I really liked that and there are two quick pages I am using for my DDs albums, with changes off course.

And I made these two today already:

Made with Once by Paislee Press

Made with See Jane Smile from Sweet Shoppe

You can buy the kits here at Daily Digi. I seriously suggest you check it out. I know I am going back in februari.

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islandmom said...

Sooo glad you had a good experience and that you are happy with your goodies. We try to get a variety of styles and designers each month. There are also usually coupons on the feature posts of the designers if you are interested.

The slow download was because of the server moves going on right now, but will be fixed within the next 24 hours...I think :)
The Daily Digi