Saturday, 2 January 2010

Some more

One of the main events in 2009 was my parents moving, twice. They had sold their house in the middle of the woods and moved to their new house in the village. As they were between houses for a few months they lived in an old building at my aunts place.There are three pictures used of all three living rooms. The most right is their new place.
Template is Paislee Pressplate no27.
Paper, bottom wordart and elements from Nina Scraps Fresh Air
Top wordart is from this weeks freebie by Jodie McNally

My DDs love Sinterklaas, except when they actually get to meet him. Then they are not that fond of him. This is DD1 at two years old, clinging on to dear old dad.
Everything with Sinterklaas by Kim de Smet
Template by Cindy Schneider
my best present ever.
Fastener from Fresh Air by Nina Designs.
Wordart from Christmas 2009 freebie by Sue Cummings
Overlay by Joanne Brisebois from the DSD bloghop

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