Sunday, 3 January 2010

My favorite 9 of 2009

My friend Jill asked us to post our favorite pages for 2009. These are my choices:


One of a kind

Sister love


By the Sea

The Rose


Ok, so what does this say about me? Most of the pages are from the last few months. Not surprising as I scrapped a lot more in the last three than I did in the first six. Being on a CT (so you have to) and getting better at creating probably is the reason for this. I like the pages that tell a story, like of my grandmother or DD1 in the snow. And I just don't do clean and simple.

Till next time!


Jill Sarginson said...

I love them Jetje .. the first and last are my faves!! Most of my faves came from the past few months too .... must be our style changing a bit ... happy new year!

WeeFaerie said...

Awesome favs Jetje! My fav of your fav is the last one. I think you scraped that fun loving, carefree shot perfectly! I can just see the snow flying!

Amanda said...

Jetje, these are awesome. I think Ice Queen is my fav- Jim like the Roses