Friday, 29 January 2010

Peek a Boo

I made another page, playing around with Little Miracles by WeeFaerieRing Designs. And I would like to offer it to you as a new quickpage.

The page was inspired by the wordart in the kit and the pic of a o so suprised DD1 as a baby.

She looks so adorable!

This is the quickpage.

And you can download it here

And to get the whole kit (it's free!) go here


Thursday, 28 January 2010

More challenges

Ok. it's another challenge entry post. All the challenges I entered the last few weeks. And yes,i know I am addicted....

For After5:

I used the kit to pick out the glitter and pink of my DD as a princess. Well, kind of a princess.
All with Fabulously Glamorous by Karina Designs

For Oscraps:

I love snow, but please, where is spring?

Everything from New Leaf by Paislee Press and Audacious Designs

For ShabbyPickle:

For my book of music

This is for my book of music, the C. It is a very corny song, chapel of love. It was supposed to be our wedding song, but my mom forgot the cds :-)

Paper and fastener from Joyce Paul's Simplicity. Rose from Relaxation Time by Rena Designs And yes, the pic is me and DH on the beach.

After5 again:

I am coming along with DD1 album, from her 2 till her 3rd birthday This is one of the last pages of her third birthday. And yes, she's going to be 7 soon. I am a bit behind. :-)

All with Birthday Dreams by CreateWings Designs

Till next time!

Touch of Turquoise

Blackcat Designs has a beautiful new kit in turquoise with hints of orange.
My DD2 loved to unpack bags.

DD1 asleep after a swim

On sale at DigiscrapMania Shop


Sunday, 24 January 2010

One Love

Scraporchard has a new kit out for charity, in this case for Haiti. It an enormous kit and it is beautiful. All proceeds go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. So I suggest buying it here

This DD1 and her cousin, they have been great friends from the moment they met.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Little Miracles

All babies are little miracles but as a mother of two wonderful little girls, I am especially touched by baby girls.

For a friend of ours that just received the miracle of a beautiful baby girl, WeeFaerie Ring designs has a new kit out, called very appropriately Little Miracles. The colors were chosen by the mother, who has kitted out the new arrival and all her things in lovely pink and browns. And seeing the pictures of the little one, they complement her perfectly.

You can pick up this wonderful kit here at WeeFaerieRing Designs

And I turned my page into quick page for you. You can pick that up here.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You got to see this: Daily Digi

I am a big fan of Paislee Press and on her blog I came across the Daily Digi. This is a scrapbooking site where you can buy a kind of grab bag with a number of kits in them for 5 dollars. You do get to see the designers names that have contributed and during the month the collection is sold they unveil the kits one at a time.
Anyway this month Paislee Press had contributed a kit and Danielle Young from Something Blue Studios and Vinnie Pearce. Designers I know and have bought stuff from in the past.
Through a different scrapbooksite the owner of the Daily Digi heard that I was asking around about the validity of the site. I mean, all those kits for 5 dollars, I was wondering if it was too good to be true.

So she gave me a trial run and I can tell you, it is true and it is good!

I got 7 kits and a set of quick pages made with those kits. The payment is via Paypal so secure, the cart and download area are just like any other shop.

The downside is that the files are large and the download speed left something to be desired. But they were changing servers at the time so maybe that was the reason. You can always go back and restart the download so no real problems there.

I was also worried that the kits would be small and not standard shop size on the number of elements and papers. And whilst maybe two of the kits were on the smallish side, the other most certainly are not. You get papers, elements, alphas and sometimes even wordarts. I loved the Paislee Press one and the Sweet shop kit.

The style of the kits is the conventional scrapbookstyle, so no fantasy. Maybe that was just this month, maybe not. But there is more than enough there to do minimalistic and the more busy pages like mine.

And the quick pages, now I don't like quick pages, because they never really fit the picture or something is not quite right. But you get the photoshop files as well, so you can change all that. I really liked that and there are two quick pages I am using for my DDs albums, with changes off course.

And I made these two today already:

Made with Once by Paislee Press

Made with See Jane Smile from Sweet Shoppe

You can buy the kits here at Daily Digi. I seriously suggest you check it out. I know I am going back in februari.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I love playing challenges and these are just some of my entries of this month:

At Shabbypickle Designs:


My entry for Five pickle Discount, a lift of Teresa's Peekaboo. I saw someone else do a lift of this and I loved the way she used the wordart. This is DD2 going mad in the snow. She has never yet experienced this much snow.

Paper and elements from Cosy Winter by Mag Designs

Wordart by myself

Beyond Gravity

I am doing a book on my favorite songs and this is the letter B: Beyond Gravity by Ilse de Lange. Aslo my entry this this months font challenge.

Everything from Wish upon a star by Natasha Nast Designs

At After5 Designs
Project 52

For a challenge on new years resolutions my page on the one and only new years resolution I have: project 52.

Paper from Createwings Birthday Dreams

All elements from Time Flies Collaboration kit

In the New Digi Crew

Winter Wonderland

For The Digi crew's challenge to lift one of our members I got to lift Carolyn aka Scrappercaz. Now this page of hers was on my 'to lift' list so I choose her Winter Wonderland and made this. The pic is of a river near my parents house.
Papers and elements by FeiFei in Coolbliss
Brush by GhostFight

At Oscraps
Discover the world

My entry to a challenge to scrap with a color you normally don't use or like. I hardly ever use black and I hate this combination, black and red. I did my best and I know I could tone it down with white, but that would have been making my life easy. Looking at it, I still don't like that color combo.

Wordart and flowers from Simplicity byFei Feis stuff (recolored)
Paper from SpringBreeze add on by Danielle Young (also recolored)

At Pickleberry Pop Designs


For the Scraplift challenge I lifted Have a good day by Petit-lips as I really liked the design in the centre of the page.
This is my DD1 at her birthday party.

All with New Year Dream by Lara's Digi World

Thursday, 14 January 2010

If you wished to be loved

I have another kit to show off, a beautiful kit in lilac, made by Black Cat Designs.
These are my pages:

Beautiful DD1 with her great smile, I so do love her.

And DD1 just a few days old. The kit contains great quotes and wordarts and I thought this quote by Seneca was brilliant addition.

All with Romantic by Black Cat Designs, at Digiscrapmania

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My latest

For the challenge at oscraps, DDs having a snowball fight with their dad
Papers (blended) from Fairy Belle by Ashallee Wall and Little Land 2 by Kitty Designs Happy wordart from Little Land by Kitty Designs Frame from Serendipity by Fei Fei's stuff

DD2 as a pretty flower baby
Template from Shabbypickles Paper and elements from Tender Moments by NewLifeDreams

Me getting kissed by DD2. The most beautiful thing in the world.
All with Valentine by Rena Designs

Monday, 11 January 2010

Another quick page for Fairy Cakes

I made another quick page for you from the wonderful kit Fairy Cakes


You can get the whole kit here for free:

Weefaerie Ring Designs

Have fun!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

In the World of Purring Cats

Black Cat Designs has the most excellent kit out for all things cat! It's called In the World of Purring Cats and it contains ...well... cats and catpoles and cat baskets and wool and mice and beautiful red flowers.

These are my two cats, even though I can't really say 'my', I'm theirs.

Zorkhan (in the middle in the box)


And for any Trekkies who noticed the names, yes, they're named after two Klingons from Star Trek TOS and Voyager

Made with In the World of purring Cats by Black Cat Designs

Thursday, 7 January 2010


The newest kit by Rena Designs, Elegance, lovely brown colors for the most elegant and classy of pages.

For sale now at Sunflowerscrap

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fairy Cakes

WeeFaerie Ring Designs has a new kit out, with a dragon this time and houses and cups of tea and cakes. It is totally cute!
And just look at that dragon. Now there's been a discussion on whether it's a girl or boy dragon, but does that matter? It's cute!

So go check out Fairy cakes

You can dowload this freebie at Weefaerie Ring

And as extra I made this quickpage for you: the dragon is coming over for a tea party!

You can download this quickpage


Have fun! You can pop in a photo, add an extraction and if you download the kit, there are some great wings in there to make that person a fairy!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year Dream

Lara's Digi World has this amazing new kit out, all fireworks and purple. And the alpha, it has the most amazing alpha you have ever seen! Just for that you should get this kit. And if not, then for the cute cat!

This is DD1 who had the most fun in the world with a balloon (the balloon has been replaced by the shiny one from the kit, more fun and it doesn't advertise a dutch home depot shop)

And DD1 with the fireworks a few years ago.

New Year Dream and Add-on by Lara's Digi World on sale at


Sunday, 3 January 2010

My favorite 9 of 2009

My friend Jill asked us to post our favorite pages for 2009. These are my choices:


One of a kind

Sister love


By the Sea

The Rose


Ok, so what does this say about me? Most of the pages are from the last few months. Not surprising as I scrapped a lot more in the last three than I did in the first six. Being on a CT (so you have to) and getting better at creating probably is the reason for this. I like the pages that tell a story, like of my grandmother or DD1 in the snow. And I just don't do clean and simple.

Till next time!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Some more

One of the main events in 2009 was my parents moving, twice. They had sold their house in the middle of the woods and moved to their new house in the village. As they were between houses for a few months they lived in an old building at my aunts place.There are three pictures used of all three living rooms. The most right is their new place.
Template is Paislee Pressplate no27.
Paper, bottom wordart and elements from Nina Scraps Fresh Air
Top wordart is from this weeks freebie by Jodie McNally

My DDs love Sinterklaas, except when they actually get to meet him. Then they are not that fond of him. This is DD1 at two years old, clinging on to dear old dad.
Everything with Sinterklaas by Kim de Smet
Template by Cindy Schneider
my best present ever.
Fastener from Fresh Air by Nina Designs.
Wordart from Christmas 2009 freebie by Sue Cummings
Overlay by Joanne Brisebois from the DSD bloghop

My 2010 calendar

I made a calendar for 2010 and these are the pages, the pics are from the same month of the previous year:

DD1 on the swings with a lollipop and sunglasses. She looked just like she was born in the fifties.
Template from Shabbypickles Paper and elements from Dandelion wishes by Kasia Designs Staples and journal tag from Bits and pieces from Natasha NaSt

A game DD2 and I play together, I am the tickle monster and I am out to get her.
Paper and elements from Ladybird by Mag Designs Font Noel from Dafont


DDs love to paint!

Frame from Pele Mele Autumn kit by Catherine Designs Everything else from the Artists Work Shop by Jofia Designs


For this months Pickle Inspiration, me and my girls in color.

Template from POM's breathing room Flowers, swirl, stars and frame from Wish upon a star by Natasha Nast designs Papers from Explosion of fun and Wish upon a star by Natasha Nast designs, from Seastories by Kasia Designs and from Pond Play by Kristen Aagard


My pretty DD1s

Paper (recolored) and stitches from Nina Scraps' Fresh air Flower and dandelion from Blossom Day by Kitty Designs Christmas Wordart by Ashallee Wall Elements from Serendipity by Fei Fei's Stuff

June is part of 100% Boy post


I got RAK-ed by Ashalee Wall with her fairy kit. This is my take on it, my DD2 looking extremely cute, if I say so myself. :-)

All with Fairy Belle by Ashalee Wall


My DDs sitting on a throne in a castle in france. You can tell on their faces they're having a ball! So that's all I scrapped from the pics.

Paper and elements from All things grow with love by NewLifeDreams Alpha from Tender Moments also by NewLifeDreams

September is part of the Secret garden post and October from the Funny Kitchen post


November for my calender. I love the colors on this pic of DD and the girls at the beach.
All with Autumn by the Bay by Lily designs

We don't get much snow, so when we did last friday my girls went mad! It's non sticky snow so no snowmen or snowball fights, but you could throw a shower of it up in the air, as demonstrated here!
All with Happy Holidays by Jofia Designs.

And that makes a great christmas present mof my mum and dad!