Sunday, 8 November 2009


There were loads of challenges this past weekend andon saturday I participated in a series on You had to complete a challenge in 1,5 hours and it was stressful. But loads of fun!

DD2 asleep as a baby.
For the NDSD challenge number 4, I think. I lost track. We had to make something ourselves, well, this contains a brush, a frame, a mask and a wordart I made myself.

Everything else is from Little Blue by Nanine

It's the little things that count, DD2 being very happy with an inflatible pool in our backyard. For the NDSD challenge to scrap B&w whith one color.
Papers and b&w elements from Simplicity by Joyce Paul
Blue flowers and butterflies from TIme Flies by After 5

One of my favorite pics of my girls. And yes, the baby in the other page is the little one of the left.
For NDSD challenge number 6: scrap your new kits. I was so in my comfort zone this was done within the hour.
Paper and elements from Ladybird by Maf Designs
Wordart from Sue Cummings' Happy thoughts

For NDSD challenge nr 2, no embellies Do this is my try. DD2 in one of her most beautiful hairdos ever. I didn't do it (her kindergarten teacher did) so we were both glad I took some pics.
Papers from SO fresh by Petit Moineaux
Wordart from Elegant Wordart

My DDs and their cousin playing on the grass.
For NDSD challenge nr 5, a BOGY (brown,orange,green and yellow, no other color allowed!)
Paper and elements by Thaliris
Wordart by SussieM
Oh yes, and for those who do not know, NDSD stands for national digital scrapbooking day!

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WeeFaerie said...

You did awesome yesterday! Some of those challenges were hard and an hour and a half for a page is nearly impossible but you pages were all beautiful despite all of that! Excellent job!