Sunday, 4 October 2009

K2 zoekt K3

I just have to tell the most sweet story. For everyone who doesn't live in Belgium or the Netherlands, there is a girl band called K3 who is adored by every little girl (and quiet a few little boys). Recently one of the singers left the band and the remaining two, Karen and Kristel, decided to find a new addition. One of the tv broadcasters made a show out of this, titled K2 is looking for K3.

DD1 loved the show. She is such a fan and we've been to a lot of their live shows. She saw the advertisements on tv and begged and begged us to let her watch it, even thought it is on in the evenings. So every saturday evening we would sit together at eight and watch it. DD2 tried to join in twice but at four years old she kept falling asleep. DD1 would sit through every episode until the end, to be satisfied that her favorite (a different on each week) would not get voted off.

Until last night, last night was the big final. DD2 was so exhausted she was in bed by seven, but DD1 was ready to go! The show was wonderful, only DD1 fell asleep on my lap at about half way through. Every other show she watched it until the last second, but this one, the important one, the one she got to vote in, she fell asleep!

She was so mad with herself this morning! She was very happy that her favorite Josje had won.

This is Josje in the middle (picture courtesy of SBS6)

Now she is looking forward to seeing the new K3 at their show in november. And getting their new single which is out soon. Just to make up for last night...

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