Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Here I am again

Well, finally made time to update this blog. The girls and work have kept me so busy. Not to mention housekeeping. You know, I hate ironing!

Anyway these are the latest and greatest:

My favorite type of pic, DD1 laughing!

All with Fisherman of dreams add-on by Choubinetteexcept the wordart by Choukette
For a challenge to scrap something to do with harvest. I love the end result, but I think I missed the harvest bit as acorns and chestnuts probably only count for squirells.
The tree is build of leaves from the following kits: Autumn Gold by Bohemian Art Beauty Fall by magic world Couleurs dÁutomne byJoeG Basket and umbrella from Dream about Autumn by Martencja Acorns and chestnuts from Lovely Fall by MPD and Waterlo's Autumn Meadow Bird from Totally Fall by Damayanti Paper is from Waterlo's Autumn Meadow and rake from Waterlo's Picnic

My DH with both our girls a few years ago. The design is lifted from Camilla designs, but then changed to a girly page :-)

All from My little garden collab from Digital Crea The journaling is a poem.

This is my princess who turned 4 a week ago and her new favorite toy: a barbie princess.

All from Princess Story by Chriscrap, except the mask by Pavlinka Design

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