Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Birthday Celebration Rena Designs

Want to have those great kits I work with? Rena Designs is having a sale in celebration of her birthday! So hop on over to SunflowerScraps or CUforyou and get 35 to 35% off!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Magical Violet by Rena Designs

I got accepted into my first CT, Rena Designs. She makes these incredible fairy like kits. So of course I did a fairy page (well, elf actually) and a beautiful framed one.

My little Elf floating around.

My DD1 being adorable

All with Magical Violet by Rena Designs, new at

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Safari? Safari by Shayarka Designs

This is a great new kit from Shayarka Designs, called Safari?Safari! As we go to the zoo a lot it was perfect for those pics

I loved the papers in this Safari kit, so I went for a page that is unusual for me with very little on it :-) The left of the middle and the right rectangles are pics of me and DD1 and of a baby buffalo. The other two are papers from the kit.

DD1 and DH at the zoo, she loves the giraffes

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sweet Dream by Dreamplace Digital Art

I got this great kit with a sleeping theme and that does fit DD1 perfectly as she never sleeps! :-)

My DD1 being bored. She is very good at it, by the way.

To emphasize the bad sleeping habits: Slaap kindje slaap (a dutch nursery rhyme
This is how she looked when you put her in her crib for her nap. Surrounded by her stuffed toys with a twinkle in her eye and no sleep in sight!
The brushwork in the top with Cloud brushes by Blazter and Star brushes by Rabies

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Delicate and Intense by Rena Designs

I am so lucky, I got to play with this gorgeous new kit full of beautiful stuff fit for a princess. And as I had loads of princess pictures with my two girls, I had so much fun! These are the first I made, and I am not done yet!

DD1 again, she looks like a princess and I love the poem I used in the background. She looks like one, but trust me, acting like it is something totally different!!!

DD1 in her favorite role, as Sleeping Beauty, complete with new dress! I just had to put her in this beautiful scene with the chandelier and the curtain!

All made with the fabulous new kit Delicate and Intense by Rena Designs

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Autumn Romantic by A-lya and Albina Design

For a one kit call at DST I got the chance to play with this adorable autumn kit and I love autumn kits:

DD2 in the autumn light, eating a birthday cake at her cousins birthday.

And DD1 a few years ago. She made an adorable fairy even if she was bald (she now has a full set of long thick hair thankfully!)

All with Autumn Romantic by A-liya and Albina Design on sale at

Friday, 11 September 2009

Silvery Stories by Rena Designs

Last week I got the chance to play with this kit Silvery Stories by Rena Designs and it rocks! My favorite piece was the splash of silver with white roses, it is in every one of these three pages!

I love these pics of DD2, just a few weeks old. She was so cute!

Your laughter is music to my ears. My DD1 has such a sweet laugh, I always enjoy hearing it!
This is DD2 now, that sweet baby from my LO 'Sleeping Baby' turned into this! She loves helping her dad out in the garden, especially with the water hose. But beware if you come into the range of the hose!!!!

All these pages made with Silvery Stories from Rena Designs, now available at

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Autumn by DDA

I did a one kit call from Dreamplace DigitalArt who have the most gorgeous autumn kit on offer. I coulnd't resist as I love autumn!

My DD2 trying out a new hat. She makes a wonderful elf!

All with Autumn from Dreamplace DigitalArt
Wings brush by Falln Stock
Stars brush by myself

This is the way my DD1 used to eat. She was actually eating a sandwich with a thick apple syrup. Very nice and very gooey!All with Autumn from Dreamplace DigitalArt

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Here I am again

Well, finally made time to update this blog. The girls and work have kept me so busy. Not to mention housekeeping. You know, I hate ironing!

Anyway these are the latest and greatest:

My favorite type of pic, DD1 laughing!

All with Fisherman of dreams add-on by Choubinetteexcept the wordart by Choukette
For a challenge to scrap something to do with harvest. I love the end result, but I think I missed the harvest bit as acorns and chestnuts probably only count for squirells.
The tree is build of leaves from the following kits: Autumn Gold by Bohemian Art Beauty Fall by magic world Couleurs dÁutomne byJoeG Basket and umbrella from Dream about Autumn by Martencja Acorns and chestnuts from Lovely Fall by MPD and Waterlo's Autumn Meadow Bird from Totally Fall by Damayanti Paper is from Waterlo's Autumn Meadow and rake from Waterlo's Picnic

My DH with both our girls a few years ago. The design is lifted from Camilla designs, but then changed to a girly page :-)

All from My little garden collab from Digital Crea The journaling is a poem.

This is my princess who turned 4 a week ago and her new favorite toy: a barbie princess.

All from Princess Story by Chriscrap, except the mask by Pavlinka Design