Sunday, 16 August 2009

A quick update

I cannot believe I haven't posted in so long. I am not going to upload everything I did since half of june, so these are just the best I did:

This one made Gallery standouts. I was so happy and proud!

DH and DD1 at Big Sur a few years ago. I love this pic of them walking together discussing who knows what The design is a lift of a LO I saw a while back. I cannot remember who's it was, but to that person, thank you for the inspiration.

Paper from Crescend-eau by Merepoule, elements from Blue Lagoon by Lulu Elements and papers from Caribe club by Tinette Elements from Eau Bleue by Galiscrap Paper and elements from Secret of the sea by Symphonie

This one made GSO on DST, I was chuved!

My favorite picture from our vacation, everytime we went to get the french bread for breakfast, DD2 would help us carry it back to the trailer and help herself along the way! The page is a lift of a design and tutorial from Three Paper Peonies.

Paper and elements from Happy Summer collab from Digital Crea Wordart by Dani3 Border by Linda Jane Designs

Another one for the album. DD1 goofing around.

Mask by Pavlinka, Paper and elements from A Star i Heaven by Fanette Elements from Dans les Champs by Claire7799

This happened a few years ago at the zoo. A monkey sat on my DH's arm and DD1 got to pet it. It made her day. I tried to do clean and simple again. I failed :-) I just cannot do that type of page!

All with Little Monkey from Mimilou

I am trying out a new style. I think I quite like this. And trust me it is not that simple for me as it may look :-) I really have to force myself not to put a thousand small things on a page.

Wordart by me based on wordart by Choukette Paper and elements from Ode Boisee by Melancolie

Till next time!

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