Monday, 15 June 2009

Digiscrapaddicts had a contest

And the greatest contest ever. So you think you can design! Marvelous kits by marvelous designers! This are some of the los I made with them:

DD1 knows the best way to spend a rainy day: curled up on the couch with a good book. Even though she was two and it was my book (no pictures) and she couldn't read yet :-) The book she was reading is actuallyon the chair in the right corner.

Made with Rainy afternoon by Amy Stoffel

DD1 underwater, well, actually she was being thrown into the air by DH but I cut him out of the picture. I just love Maelia designs kit for this week over at So you think you can design.

All with Octopussy Garden by Maelia designs

A rare pic of my whole family a few years ago.

Made with My favorite thing by Faith True

My DD1 creating a mothers day cake. Too cute for words (and she doesn't even like whipped cream...)

Made with Nana's Room by Madame Wing and One Fine Day by CathyK Designs

My daughters birthday party last year. It was a miracle there was nothing more than a few bruises what with the number of kids on one trampoline :-)

All with MrKite by Lyndsay Riches

Maelia designs won, my favorite! But amazing contest and I enjoyed it immensly!

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