Friday, 6 March 2009

Endless love blogtrain

I found this amazing blogtrain called Endless love so full of beautiful stuff (all freebies) that I thought it was a waste to do just one LO with it. So the challenge to myself is to do one for each year of DD1 life (she is five) and to do every one in a slightly different style inspired by my scrapbooking friends .

I think I have never done a LO with this number layers, only 6! I usually have around 40! But this just clicked together and I was done. DD1 trying on my bridal hat.

This is DD2 at age one. This one I did based on the amazing LOs Debi does of her daughter.
Another one, this one inspired by the style of LuAnn who creates the most beautiful soft, light and airy designs. Again from the Endless Love blog train

Again, DD1, sitting on a plastic painted cow. A few years ago the village my parents lived in had a contest who could paint the best plastic cow (and literally, they painted plastic gigantic lifesize cows!). They then set the cows everywhere and devized a cycling route past them. DD1 and I did the route and she adored the cows. This style is inspired by my friend Jill.

So this in DD1 aged zero with a cuddly toy. My db thought she had to have at least one which was bigger that she was. The style is inspired by Jopke. I do have great difficulty getting my LOs as simple and clean as hers. But I quite like the end result.

Everthing from Endless Love, except Wordart by Joanne Bain Designs in the Little dreamer

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