Saturday, 21 February 2009


For this week pixel dust challenge: #1 Must have the word Journey in it: see journaling #2 Must have 3 staples: on pics #3 Must have at least a splash of orange: evidently the leaves #4 Must have STRING (not ribbon, STRING): top right corner #5 Must have Vellum: Vellum alpha #6 Must have Scallops: for me that is seashell. I attached them to the rope. What else was I suppose to do with them??? #7 Must have a hidden chainsaw -- either the item or the word hidden in the layout: not hidden at all. See pics and journaling :-) Journaling reads: On our journey to the north of the country we travelled through forestland. In the woods there, the national championship carving with the chainsaw was being held. It was to say the least, impressive. Standing on ladders, with running saws, treetrunks were transformeed.The endresult was beautiful. But the message was clear: Don't try this at home!

Vellum alpha by Vicki Elements from Totally Fall by Damanyanti Frames by Lien Paper and elements from Terredesienne by Ptitesouris

Every now and then I have to do a full photo LO. Normally I takes days to do a design, this one just clicked together in an hour! I was goofing around with layers and colors in the pic, this came out. Adding brushes and my own word art was the logical next step.
Brushes by Taylor made, Fei Fei and Obisidian Dawn. Word art by myself. Paper from Nanette Freebie one.

Monday, 9 February 2009

The latest batch

My gorgeous cat Zorkhan asleep on a bag. As usual.

All from Mocca Latte happiness by Nicole Young designs except the paper from Winter Retreat by Catherine designs

A few years ago DD1 learned how to do a somersualt and of course DD2 had to copy, but had no idea what to do!

Paper and elements from Spring garden kit by unknown

My pretty DD1 in the garden. She was not too happy with her new haircut

Everthing from Valentine's day by Nahled

Blogtrain have a valentine train Forever mine. But as pics of me and DH are sadly lacking, I added DD1. She loves hearts and red, so it fits. I created the rain of hearts myself with brushes. The design is inspired by Debi's (Weefaerie) Aquarius

Brushes by Odsidian Dawn Paper by WaterLo Elements and wordart from Forever Mine

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More scrap stuff

Even though my girls fight a lot, they do stick together. I love the idea of this, together forever.

Wordart by Littlest footprint
paper from essential blacks by Emily Giovanni
Elements from Winter treasures by Akizo.

Waterlo's playroom kit just asked to be used to create a ... playroom. Can you find dd1 between the toys? Her own room looks a lot like this, with everything on the floor!

Playroom by WaterLo

For the pixel challenge we had to scrap ourselves (that is me), a quote (song text by Meredith Brooks, fits really well) our Zodias sign (saggitarius) and a number (2008). With splashes of red.
Zodiac sign by Sita brushes by Obsidian Dawn Elements from Remember you by MOI

My DDs playing in tent years ago in the garden. I just loved how my eldest laughed at the camera.
Poesie by Choubinette