Friday, 18 December 2009

Funny Kitchen

It's all about cooking. My girls love to help me cook. Well, not really cook but bake. Especially if they get toclean out the bowls and lick of the spoons. Pity the eldest doens't eat regular food.. LOL!

So when Igot the chance to work with this kitby Ninie designs, I jumped at the chance. Her kits are awesome and so cute!

DDs helping out.

And making pastries. If you want to flatten dough to cut out cookies, just bang it really really hard!

All with Funny Kitchen by Ninie Designs for sale at French Frog

Thursday, 17 December 2009

100% boy

Ok, this was a challenge, a kit for 100% boy. Very masculine with loads of goodies to build great pages for boys. Only I have girls, girls totally into barbies, pink and princesses. But the kit is very versatile in colors, papers and elements. So this is what I did with it.

DD1 and DH cycling together.

All with Rena's new kit on sale at DigiscrapMania.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A bit of sweetness

How about this freebie? Weefaerie has another kit out and it is amazing! I love the look of this, reminds me of clouds like cotton candy, world from fairy tales. Totally and utterly adorable.

You can download it here:

WeeFearie Ring Designs

And for you a quickpage for free! Hope you enjoy the sweetness of it.


Till next time!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Secret Woodland

I love all things fairy and this kit is perfect for creating beautiful scenes. Check out my DDs and their cousins as wood fairies and DD1 in a cottage landscape feeding the ducks:

All with Secret Woodland by Rena Designs for sale now at Sunflowerscrap

And there's a freebie on her blog: Rena

Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Eve quickpage number 2

I adore the elves in this kit so much, I made another quickpage from the kit, just so I could use them again.

You can download it here

Christmas Eve kit is designed by WeeFaerie and can be found here at WeeFaerieRing

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Happy New Year

Rena has a new kit out, with the wonderful theme of celebrating the new year. Champagne and fireworks!
DD1 celebrating 2008 (and yes, it's applejuice)

DD1 in december 2005. Cute as a button.

All with Happy New year by Rena Designs
on sale now
DigiscrapMania Shop

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Weefaerie Designs has a new kit, specially for those christmas pics.
And it has elves!
I love elves.

You can get it here: Weefaerie Ring Designs

And if you need something to get you started, I made this quickpage for you:


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Winter Magic

My DD2 with those beautiful curls

I always wanted to make a page with a box and fill it. So I took this opportunity and ran with it!

All with Winter Magic by Rena Designs for sale at DigiScrapMania Shop

Monday, 23 November 2009


I've been becoming addicted to challenges. It is unbelievable, but I get a kick out of entering them. It is as if there is extra appreciation in posting pages just than the praise game.

So in no random order my latest entries:

For oscraps Designer spotlight challenge: scrap with your DSD buys, DD1 and DH reading his car's magazines together.

Everything with Nina Scraps Read and Relax

For After Five's lift with a twist: my DD1 loves her cuddly toys. So this an ode to her favorite hobby: collecting them.

Papers (layered as overlays) and all elements from Fabulously Glamorous by Karina Designs

For Oscraps Designer Spotlight again: my DD1 and my husband's grandmother playing hide and seek behind their hands.

papers, heart and mask from fresh air by Nina scraps, Swirls recolored from read and relax by nina scraps

And for the same challenge: DD1 cuddling the goats at the petting zoo.

Paper and stars from fresh air by Nina Scraps, Frame brush from the Essential Grunge Frames By Cinzia Loosemore, Brush different strokes from Fei-Fei's stuff

For After Five's lyrics challenge: my favorite song and one of my favorite pictured. DH and DD1 at the seaside a few years ago. The song is Dansen aan de zee (Dancing by the sea) by the dutch band Blof.

All with By the sea by Lily Designs and Catherine Designs

For the Who need glue digi crew: DD1 and her cousin playing their hearts out. For the Who needs glue Digi crew challenge: 5 flowers (two in the bg, two floating and one on the frame) 4 papers (one used twice) 3 pics 2 frames (large black one and wooden one round the big pic) and one wordart from Elegant Wordart.

Flowers and frames from End of Summer collab from Digiscrap Shop Mania, bg paper from Zen collab from, Flowers and papers from Monia by Dilo Designs, Wordart by Elegant Wordart

For Shabbypickles template challenge: my DD1 learning how to swim a few years ago in my parents pool.

Paper and elements from Sea Stories I by Kasia Designs

That's all for now!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Winters day

Scrap kits have reached the winter and christmas kits! I love these kits, amazing colors and beautiful way to frame those christmas kits. Youknow, the ones I always forget to take, being too busy with cooking and presents and such. Oh well, there's always this year..

And then I can use this to frame them: Winters day, a collaboration between Rena and Marta

DD1 at her second christmas. She loved (and still does) christmas trees!

DD2 trying on her christmas hat.

Everything from Winters Day by Rena and Marta Designs, for sale at sunflowerscrap

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Rena Designs latest is a far cry from winter, it is such a beautiful spring kit! Due to work pressure I only have one page done, but more will come.

Look out the window and discover the world. DD2 looking out the window, ready to discover the world. She's actually standing on a rocking chair trying to climb over or on top of it. She's forever covered in bruises.

Everything from Serenity by Rena Designs available:

And there's a freebie on her blog: Rena's blog

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A few weeks ago there was a challenge at Oscraps for Sue Cummings Designer Spotlight. She asked us to scrap something for each and every day. So I scrapped something about each and every day each and every day for a week. This is the result:

This one is to tell my girls to take time to enjoy the beauty in nature each and every day.
Paper (as overlays) and wordart from Sue Cummings Designer Spotlight Freebie
Frame from Surround it by Merkely Designs

Make someone laugh each and every day. This is my DD2 clowning about. I think her life's motto is this, she has everyone in hysterics at least once a day. The pics by the way have been taken by her big sister. Not bad for a six year old!
Everything with Explosions of Fun by Natasha NaSt

I really wanted to do a page around the wonderful wordart Sue Cummings has made. I thought this picture of DD2 fits the text and I love the colors of the sky and daffodil fields arround our house.
Wordart and paper by Sue Cumming from the Designer Spotlight Challenge freebie,
Different strokes brush by Fei-fei's stuff
Dance each and every day. My DD1 loves to dance.
Papers from Sue Cummings Designer Digital Freebie and Halloween freebie
Brush from flower from Sue Cummings Designer Digital Freebie
Brush from music notes from Burthday Dreams by CreateWings Designs
Essential Grunge Frames by Cinzia Designs

For number 3, each and every day my sweet child. The magic of watching my eldest baby grow up and experience the world.
All with Magic dreams by Natasha NaSt except the wordart behind the pic, from Sue Cummings Designer Challenge freebie

I turned the saying around. Something you don't do each and every day, lie on the back of a dinosaur (and no, he's no real!). DD1 resting during a visit to the dinosaur garden.
Paper and flowers from Blossom Day by Kitty Designs String and wordart from Sue Cummings Designer spotlight freebie

My first is one of my cat.
Paper from Sue Cummings freebie Mask from Natasha NaSt Swirl from Kitty Designs

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

R for Rose

We're doing challenge at another site to scrap the alphabet. Well, for some odd reason we started with the R. I am doing a book on music and this is my favorite R song: The Rose.

The rose in the picture is one from one of my rose bushes.

Paper and elements from Rouge passion by Manue
Frames from Worn Overlays by SomethingBluestudios

Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas Time

I got the chance to create with a christmas kit by Rena. My first christmas pages of the year. And it isn't even Sinterklaas yet!

DD1 under the christmas tree at my parents a few years ago.

DD1 as the christmas tree fairy. Cute isn't she?

Everything with Christmas Time by Rena Designs

Sunday, 8 November 2009


There were loads of challenges this past weekend andon saturday I participated in a series on You had to complete a challenge in 1,5 hours and it was stressful. But loads of fun!

DD2 asleep as a baby.
For the NDSD challenge number 4, I think. I lost track. We had to make something ourselves, well, this contains a brush, a frame, a mask and a wordart I made myself.

Everything else is from Little Blue by Nanine

It's the little things that count, DD2 being very happy with an inflatible pool in our backyard. For the NDSD challenge to scrap B&w whith one color.
Papers and b&w elements from Simplicity by Joyce Paul
Blue flowers and butterflies from TIme Flies by After 5

One of my favorite pics of my girls. And yes, the baby in the other page is the little one of the left.
For NDSD challenge number 6: scrap your new kits. I was so in my comfort zone this was done within the hour.
Paper and elements from Ladybird by Maf Designs
Wordart from Sue Cummings' Happy thoughts

For NDSD challenge nr 2, no embellies Do this is my try. DD2 in one of her most beautiful hairdos ever. I didn't do it (her kindergarten teacher did) so we were both glad I took some pics.
Papers from SO fresh by Petit Moineaux
Wordart from Elegant Wordart

My DDs and their cousin playing on the grass.
For NDSD challenge nr 5, a BOGY (brown,orange,green and yellow, no other color allowed!)
Paper and elements by Thaliris
Wordart by SussieM
Oh yes, and for those who do not know, NDSD stands for national digital scrapbooking day!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Believe in the magic of winter

Rena has the best kit out: winter. I absolutely adore the wordart in it. This is one of DD1 and DH a few years ago in Germany, making a snowman.

DD1 exploring outside during snow fall. I don't know who was more impressed with the flakes, her or our cat!

Everything with 'Believe in the magic of winter' by Rena Designs

On sale now at

And best of all a freebie on Rena's blog :
Rena Designs

Monday, 26 October 2009

In a Golden Frame

My DD2 has the most beautiful golden locks. This is her at eleven months old. The curls were adorable!

Everything with "In A Golden Frame" by Rena Designs
available at Digiscrap'mania Shop.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


How about a gorgeous kit with red and white and black? All in the name of LOVE.

My DDs, the can fight like cat and dog, but love each other to bits.

A rare pic of me and DH on our wedding day. The text is our song, Cliche by Fish.

It's an old cliche, I love you.

All with L.O.V.E by Rena Designs

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Relaxation Time

Rena has a new kit out and it was the best! I loved the colors and the elements so much, I had three pages in no time! You really got to have this kit.
Usually when I create more than one page with a kit, I have one favorite page, but this time I really am so pleased with the outcome of all three!

First one is of a pic with DH and the girls, hanging around.

My DD1 being a dancing queen. She has ballet classes and she loves do dance,especially in wide loose dresses. Try and find wide loose dresses in the middle of autumn! Needless to say we have loads of discussions when she gets dressed every morning.

DD2 at a picnic in our backyard. Our backyard is visually very uninteresting, so this is much better!

Everything with Relaxation time by Rena Designs, now for sale at

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Ok, I am kind of hooked. I love challenges. I have gotten into these challenges at Oscraps and they are so much fun! It helped I won the first one I ever entered. Maybe that's where it all went wrong! :-)

So here are three entries to various challenges, two are still ongoing.

For the current designer spotlight challenge at Oscraps we had to grunge it up, so here is a grunged pic of me and DD1 on holiday in France.

Papers and grunge stuff from Kathryn Wilsons freebie, quote and frame from Cinzia Designs

For a different challenge at Oscraps we had to scrap a grid. I don't really like grids, too methodical. But this one I kind of like, the black and brush work make it interesting.

Brush Different Strokes from Fei-fei's stuff, Overlay by Merkely Designs

For the Who needs glue digi crew challenge to scrap big letters-small pic or small letter - big pic. I have done the second one a few times, so I chose the first. I love this song by Kelly Clarkson, it is a perfect sing-a-long in traffice. The pic is of course DH.

paper and alpha from Promise by Shabby Princess Design Blue, alpha from Charlie's digiscraps.