Sunday, 23 November 2008


I have been so busy that I completely forgot to update this blog. What with Sinterklaas in the country, work and the decision to move the girls to a great big attic room, I don't have that much time to scrap.
But what time I had left I used like this:

Beautiful butterfly kit from Digital Creations
Wordart from Werinka

I am working on another album, this time of DD1. Sometimes pictures say it all, like this one. I did love recoloring the pic and it turned out so good, I was done.

Just une etincelle from Bellisima

Beautiful butterfly from Digital Crea

This is one of DD1 and her cousin. Since birth they have been great friends. Ok, since they were about three and four months old, before that, they didn't do much. :-)

Again for her album.

Justforme kit from Thaliris

There are these lovely xmas kits out there, and I found out I have hardly any xmas pics to use! Digraceful isn't it. I think I am going to make sure DH or I do better this year.

Anyway, this one if from two years ago (yes, I am way behind, I only found out about scrapping a while ago...) and i used Fei Fei brush to create a kind of iced window. The deer is by special request of DD1, she loved it so much she made me add it. I can't wait until she is older so we can scrap together!

Cristmas kit by MPD

Dear Santa kit by Ceci

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