Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Working on an album

For both kids I try to make one photoalbum per year, going from birthday to birthday. I am very behind in this (DD1has got three albums with real photos for her first year and a digital printed one for the vacation in the US and that's it), but for DD2 I am working on her album from her first birthday to her second (and as she just had her third I'm in a hurry to complete this one). Sadly I have this urge to create scraps and that really slows me down.
Mango tango papers and elements from Claudi designs, KHALB, Monica, Mimi
Stamp frame and Alpha from Jasmin Olya

Boxed Words from Chantal Taake

I had done this one before, and redid it. Much happier with it now.

The second one is about the daycare DD2 went to for the first year and a half. These were the lovely ladies that took care of her. Nice tribute isn't it?

Frames by ImaginebyFran
Alpha by Kaz C Designs
Stitches by Gunhild
That's it again. Got to go, DD2 has just fallen asleep on the sofa and it's time for supper.

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