Sunday, 17 August 2008

its raining

again. It's becoming annoying. Anyway, the girls are back from their grandparents, so that is seriously cutting into my scrapping time. I don't mind, that much. It is very nice to have them back again. Except at half six this morning, then my DH and I wished that they were still elsewhere :-)

So, finished another one: van mama liefde (from mummy love)

Paper from Monica and Shabby Princess

frame, I can't remember

elements from Shabby Princess, Misti Cato

overlay by Shabby Princess

button alpha and paper alpha by lioness

mummy alpha by myself

The text reads:

ma-ma (english: mum·my, noun, plural -mies): fondest abbreviation of mother

Laugh-ter (the;; noun): an expression or appearance
of merriment or amusement, sometimes caused by tickling

cud-dle: verb, -dled, -dling, noun: to hold close in an affectionate manner;,
hug tenderly.

daugh-ter: little female person that start small and grows,
often associated with a mother.

lief-de (english: love noun): a feeling of warm personal
attachment or deep affection, often shown by cuddling

fun: can often be had with a mother and can include daughters,
laughter, cuddles and is done with love

That was it again. Got to go

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