Saturday, 30 August 2008

This is so much fun

Yesterday was a good day for scrapping:

FLowers, Lizard (a special request by DDs) and wood fixtures from WaterLO
Paper from Nicole Young
Wood overlay by Melancolie
The theme is "My sister my hero" because of the adoring look my DD2 has as she looks at DD1. Even though they fight a lot they adore each other.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Another fairy

Of course having made one for DD2 I had to make one for DD1. She actually advised me on what she wanted....

Paper and elements from Waterlo project

elements from Mackovo

Alpha from Happy scrap girl

And don't I just love that Waterlo project... :-)


Two days ago I stumbled onto this great project called Waterlo. After downloading absolutely everything I started scrapping. See here the first of hopefully many results.

Paper and lots of stuff from the WaterLo project
Alpha from Happy scrap girl and CherityAndersen
Butterfly wings from Snowmoons designs
This was DD2 about a year and a half ago (again, still working on that album) and aas cute as ever. With the chickenpox... :-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Working on an album

For both kids I try to make one photoalbum per year, going from birthday to birthday. I am very behind in this (DD1has got three albums with real photos for her first year and a digital printed one for the vacation in the US and that's it), but for DD2 I am working on her album from her first birthday to her second (and as she just had her third I'm in a hurry to complete this one). Sadly I have this urge to create scraps and that really slows me down.
Mango tango papers and elements from Claudi designs, KHALB, Monica, Mimi
Stamp frame and Alpha from Jasmin Olya

Boxed Words from Chantal Taake

I had done this one before, and redid it. Much happier with it now.

The second one is about the daycare DD2 went to for the first year and a half. These were the lovely ladies that took care of her. Nice tribute isn't it?

Frames by ImaginebyFran
Alpha by Kaz C Designs
Stitches by Gunhild
That's it again. Got to go, DD2 has just fallen asleep on the sofa and it's time for supper.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Birthday in Linneaushof

Yesterday was my youngest birthday and to celebrate we went to a big playground called Linneaushof. And did she have fun! She didn't know where to go next. And the eldest was so excited, she loved everything. Especially the slide (featured on the third photo on the LO) was a favorite.

Everything from Popsicle Pop from Scrapbookgraphics, except the wordart

Thats from Elegant Wordart

And now my baby is three already....

Friday, 22 August 2008

Two this time

Believe it or not but I've got two LO's today. That's a first in my book

Silk flower alpha, flowers and frame by Anneli Anderson (Attic Treasures)
Boxed words by Chantal Taake
Silver frame by Tracy Kosofsky

So this is DD and her cousin enjoying a duo slide. They loved it and timed the sliding perfectly so that they were always together.
Papers by Vicki
Elements by Vicki and Brenda Mascari
Date by Shierry Tierney
Scrap alpha by Suzie Q Scrapper

This one of DD I made for my DH. He always calls her his poppedijn, which roughly translates as his baby doll. Even her avatar on the WII is called poppedijn, and boy, can that avatar box!

I used Vicki's stuff yet again, I love her blog so much. I would apply for her CT if I had the time... which sadly I do not.

And on to the next...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

it just wasn't right

So I actually went back to change it. Again and again. So this is it. I am actually quite pleased with it.

I added some leaves from a kit by Sonora. Would I do it again? No, i think the lesson here was that if something doesn't work, stop trying to better it and do something completely different. Which is the next thing I will do, and I will post the results. Again.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

its raining

again. It's becoming annoying. Anyway, the girls are back from their grandparents, so that is seriously cutting into my scrapping time. I don't mind, that much. It is very nice to have them back again. Except at half six this morning, then my DH and I wished that they were still elsewhere :-)

So, finished another one: van mama liefde (from mummy love)

Paper from Monica and Shabby Princess

frame, I can't remember

elements from Shabby Princess, Misti Cato

overlay by Shabby Princess

button alpha and paper alpha by lioness

mummy alpha by myself

The text reads:

ma-ma (english: mum·my, noun, plural -mies): fondest abbreviation of mother

Laugh-ter (the;; noun): an expression or appearance
of merriment or amusement, sometimes caused by tickling

cud-dle: verb, -dled, -dling, noun: to hold close in an affectionate manner;,
hug tenderly.

daugh-ter: little female person that start small and grows,
often associated with a mother.

lief-de (english: love noun): a feeling of warm personal
attachment or deep affection, often shown by cuddling

fun: can often be had with a mother and can include daughters,
laughter, cuddles and is done with love

That was it again. Got to go

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Another scrap

Paper by Vicki and Vinnie Pearce
Elements from Oodles of Doodles from Vicki
I really love the stuff Vicki has on her blog. It is all for free and you can do some much with it. It is absolutely brilliant. Love it!


O yes, but I did finish the hallway...

Instead of painting the hallway

I should have been painting the hallway all day, but instead this computer kept calling me to finish this scrap. So I did...

Paper and elements from Vicki Rustic Walk
Journal from Digital Artist Magazine
Paper from VInnie Pearce
Still working on Lotte's album from one year to two, I'm finally in march 2007. Only a year behind :-) And then I'm not even thinking of Elise's albums which stop at two....

Monday, 11 August 2008

How I spend my evening..again

While DH watched the olympic (gold medals for american swimmers, apparantly it was very exciting race, I missed it), I spend my evening scrapping. Again. What with the kids at my parents, this means I have some rare time for myself. It is very nice not to have to sit with my eldest until it was my bed time.

Anyway this is the result.

Made with paper and elements by Fran designs and alpha by Mandy Mystiques

My first blog

After spending yesterday evening on other peoples blogs I have decided to start my own. To talk about my kids, my cats and my house. And to show off my digital scraps to anybody who wants to see them.